The Life of Blessed Francis - 630 

Chapter Thirteen


1It was a custom for the angelic man Francis
never to rest from the good,
rather, like the heavenly spirits on Jacob's ladder, a
he either ascended into God
or descended to his neighbor.
For he had so prudently learned
to divide the time given to him for merit,
that he spent some of it working for his neighbor's benefit
and dedicated the rest
to the tranquil excesses of contemplation.
when he emptied himself
according to the demand of times and places
to gain the salvation of another,
leaving the restlessness of the crowds,
he would seek the secrets of solitude and a place of quiet,
where freeing himself more freely for the Lord,
he would shake off the dust that might have clung to him
from the time spent with the crowds.

two years before he returned his spirit to heaven,
after a variety of many labors,
he was led by divine providence
to a high place apart called Mount La Verna.b




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 889-890

Caput XIII

- De stigmatibus sacris.

1 1Mos erat angelico viro Francisco
numquam otiari a bono,
quin potius instar spirituum supernorum in scala Iacob
aut ascendebat in Deum,
aut descendebat ad proximum.
2Nam tempus sibi concessum ad meritum dividere
sic prudenter didicerat,
ut aliud proximorum lucris laboriosis impenderet,
aliud contemplationis tranquillis excessibus
cum secundum exigentiam locorum et temporum
alienae condescendisset
procurandae saluti,
inquietationibus derelictis turbarum,
solitudinis secreta petebat locumque quietis,
quo liberius Domino vacans,
extergeret, si quid pulveris sibi ex conversatione hominum adhaesisset.

4Biennio itaque
antequam spiritum redderet caelo,
divina providentia duce,
post labores multimodos
perductus est in locum excelsum seorsum, qui dicitur Mons Alvernae.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 630