The Life of Blessed Francis - 629 

For excelling in him were:
a privilege of virtues,
a spirit of prophecy,
a proficiency for miracles,
a sign given by heaven to preach,
an obedience of creatures lacking reason,
a powerful change of hearts at the sound of his words,
an erudition by the Holy Spirit beyond human teaching,
an authority to preach
granted by the Supreme Pontiff guided by a revelation,
a Rule confirmed by that same Vicar of Christ
in which the manner of preaching is described, and,
as a seal, the marks of the Supreme King imprinted on his body.
These are like ten witnesses
affirming to the whole world without any doubt
that Francis, the herald of Christ,
celebrated in mission,
authentic in teaching,
admirable in holiness,
because of all this
truly preached the Gospel of Christ
as a messenger of God.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 889

2Excellens namque in ipso
praerogativa virtutum,
prophetiae spiritus,
efficacia miraculorum,
oraculum de praedicando caelitus datum,
obedientia creaturarum ratione carentium,
vehemens immutatio cordium ad verborum ipsius auditum,
eruditio eius a Spiritu sancto praeter humanam doctrinam,
praedicandi auctoritas
a Summo Pontifice non sine revelatione concessa,
et Regula, in qua forma praedicandi exprimitur,
ab eodem Christi Vicario confirmata,
4summi quoque Regis signacula per modum sigilli corpori eius impressa
tamquam testimonia decem
toti saeculo indubitanter affirmant,
Christi praeconem Franciscum
et venerandum officio
et doctrina authenticum,
et admirabilem sanctitate,
ac per hoc
tamquam vere Dei nuntium
Christi Evangelium praedicasse.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 629