The Life of Blessed Francis - 627 

as his miracles prove,
a few of which we will cite below as examples.

9In the city of Toscanella he was warmly taken in as a guest by a knight whose only son had been crippled since birth. At the father's insistent entreaties, he lifted the child up with his hand and cured him instantly, so that all the limbs of his body at once got back their strength Acts 3:7in view of all. The boy became healthy and strong and immediately rose, walking and leaping, and praising God. Acts 3:8

In the city of Narni, at the request of the bishop, he made the sign of the cross from head to foot over a paralytic who had lost the use of all his limbs, and restored him to perfect health.

In the diocese of Rieti a boy was so swollen for four years that he could not in any way see his own legs. When the boy was presented to Francis by his tearful mother, he was cured the moment the holy man touched him with his sacred hands.

At the town of Orte a boy was so twisted that his head was bent to his feet and some of his bones were broken. When Francis made the sign of the cross over him at the tearful entreaty of his parents, he was cured on the spot and stretched out immediately.

10There was a woman in the town of Gubbio whose both hands were so withered and crippled that she could do nothing with them. When he made the sign of the cross over them in the name of the Lord, she was so perfectly cured that she immediately went home and prepared with her own hands food for him and for the poor, like Peter's mother-in-law.

In the village of Bevagna he marked the eyes of a blind girl with his saliva three times in the name of the Trinity and restored the sight she longed for.

A woman of the city of Narni, afflicted with blindness, received the sign of the cross from him and recovered the sight she longed for.

At Bologna a boy had one eye covered over with an opaque film so that he could see nothing at all with it nor could he be helped by any treatment. After God's servant had made the sign of the cross from his head to his feet, he recovered his sight so completely that, having later entered the Order of Lesser Brothers, he claimed that he could see far more clearly with the eye that had been previously ill than with the eye that had always been well.

In the village of San Gemini, God's servant received hospitality from a devoted man whose wife was troubled by a demon. After praying, he commanded the devil to leave by virtue of obedience,




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 885-887

sicut aliqua comprobant operum eius,
exempli gratia inferius adnotanda.

9 1In civitate Tuscanella a milite quodam hospitio devote susceptus, filium eius unicum a nativitate contractum ad multam ipsius instantiam, manu allevans, sic subito incolumem reddidit, ut videntibus cunctis, protinus consolidarentur omnia corporis membra, et puer sanus effectus et fortis, confestim exsurgeret ambulans et exsiliens et laudans Deum.

2In civitate Narniensi cum paralyticum quemdam membrorum omnium destitutum officio, signo crucis a capite usque ad pedes ad instantiam signasset episcopi, perfectae restituit sanitati.

3In episcopatu Reatino puer quidam sic turgidus a quatuor annis, ut nullo modo propria crura cernere posset, a matre, cum lacrimis praesentatus eidem, statim, ut vir sanctus tetigit eum manibus sacris, incolumis est effectus.

4Apud civitatem Ortensem puer unus ita conglomeratus, ut caput pedibus portaret applicitum et haberet ossa nonnulla confracta, signo crucis ad parentum lacrimabiles preces ab eodem suscepto, subito extensus exstitit et illico liberatus.

10 1Mulier quaedam civitatis Eugubii ambas contractas et aridas habens manus adeo, ut nihil per illas operari valeret, signo crucis ab eodem in nomine Domini sibi facto, tam perfectam obtinuit sospitatem, quod statim rediens domum, cibos in ministerium eius et pauperum, quasi altera socrus Simonis, propriis manibus praepararet.

2Puellae cuidam in castro Bevanii oculorum, privatae luminibus, cum in Trinitatis nomine sputo suo ter ipsius oculos linivisset, lumen concupitum restituit.

3Mulier quaedam civitatis Narnii oculorum caecitate percussa, signum crucis ab eodem suscipiens, lucem recuperavit optatam.

4Bononiae puer quidam unum oculorum macula adeo habens obtectum, ut nihil prorsus videre posset, nec aliquo adiuvari remedio, post signum crucis a capite usque ad pedes per servum Domini sibi factum, visum recuperavit tam limpidum, ut postmodum Ordinem Fratrum Minorum ingressus, se longe clarius videre assereret de oculo prius infirmo quam de oculo semper sano.

5In castro Sancti Gemini servus Dei a quodam devoto viro susceptus hospitio, cuius uxor a daemonio vexabatur, post orationem factam in virtute obedientiae imperavit daemoni,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 627