The Life of Blessed Francis - 604 

namely martyrdom,
he went back to the lands of the faithful,
as he was advised by a divine revelation.
Thus by the kindness of God
and the merits of the virtue of the holy man,
it came about,
mercifully and remarkably,
that the friend of Christ
sought with all his strength to die for him
and yet could not achieve it.
Thus he was not deprived
of the merit of his desired martyrdom
and was spared to be honored in the future
with a unique privilege.
Thus it came about
that the divine fire
burned still more perfectly in his heart,
so that later it was distilled clearly in his flesh.

O truly blessed man,
whose flesh,
although not cut down by a tyrant's steel,
was yet not deprived
of bearing a likeness of the Lamb that was slain! Rv 5:12
O, truly and fully blessed man, I say,
whose life
"the persecutor's sword did not take away,
and who yet did not lose the palm of martyrdom"!a




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 861-862

ad partes fidelium
divina revelatione praemonitus remeavit.
- 2Sic itaque Dei ordinante clementia,
et sancti viri promerente virtute,
misericorditer et mirabiliter
factum est,
quod Christi amicus
mortem pro ipso viribus totis exquireret,
et tamen nullatenus inveniret,
ut et merito non careret
optati martyrii
et insigniendus servaretur in posterum
privilegio singulari.
3Sic utique factum est,
ut ignis ille divinus
adhuc perfectius ipsius aestuaret in corde,
ut post patentius evaporaret in carne.

4O vere beatum virum,
cuius caro,
etsi tyrannico ferro non caeditur,
occisi tamen Agni similitudine
non privatur!
5O, inquam, vere ac plene beatum,
cuius animam
« etsi gladius persecutoris non abstulit,
palmam tamen martyrii non amisit! ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 604