The Life of Blessed Francis - 598 

Toward the sacrament of the Lord's Body
he burned with fervor to his very marrow,
marveling with unbounded wonder
at that loving condescension and condescending love.
He received Communion frequently
and so devoutly

that he made others devout,
for at the sweet taste of the spotless Lamb 1 Pt 1:19
he was often rapt in ecstasy as if drunk in the Spirit.a

3He embraced the mother of the Lord Jesus
with an inexpressible love
since she made the Lord of Majesty a brother to us
and, through her,
we have obtained mercy.

In her, after Christ, he put all his trust and made her the advocate of him and his brothers and, in her honor, he used to fast with great devotion from the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul to the Feast of the Assumption.b

He was joined in a bond of inseparable love
to the angels
who burn with a marvelous fire
to pass over into God
and to inflame the souls of the elect.

Out of devotion to them he used to spend the forty days after the Feast of the Assumption of the glorious Virgin in fasting and continual prayer. Because of the ardent zeal he had for the salvation of all, he was more devoted with a special love to blessed Michael the Archangel in view of his duty of presenting souls to God.

From remembering all the saints like fiery stones,
he was re-enkindled into a godlike fire,
embracing with the greatest devotion
all the apostles,
especially Peter and Paul,
because of the burning love they had toward Christ.
Out of reverence and love for them




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 855

4Flagrabat erga Sacramentum Dominici Corporis
fervore omnium medullarum,
stupore admirans permaximo
illam carissimam dignationem et dignantissimam caritatem.
5Saepe communicabat
et tam devote,
ut alios devotos efficeret,
dum ad immaculati Agni degustationem suavem,
quasi spiritu ebrius, in mentis ut plurimum rapiebatur excessum.

3 1Matrem Domini Iesu indicibili
complectebatur amore,
eo quod Dominum maiestatis fratrem nobis effecerit,
et per eam
simus misericordiam consecuti.

2In ipsa post Christum praecipue fidens, eam sui ac suorum advocatam constituit et ad honorem ipsius a festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli usque ad festum Assumptionis devotissime ieiunabat.

spiritibus ardentibus igne mirifico
ad excedendum in Deum
et electorum animas inflammandas
inseparabilis erat amoris vinculo copulatus

et ob devotionem ipsorum ab Assumptione Virginis gloriosae quadraginta diebus ieiunans orationi iugiter insistebat. 4Beato autem Michaeli archangelo, eo quod animarum repraesentandarum haberet officium, speciali erat amore devotior propter fervidum quem habebat zelum ad salutem omnium salvandorum.

5Ex recordatione sanctorum omnium tamquam lapidum ignitorum
in deificum recalescebat incendium,
Apostolos omnes,
et praecipue Petrum et Paulum,
propter fervidam caritatem, quara habuerunt ad Christum,
summa devotione complexans;
6ob quorum reverentiam et amorem

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 598