The Life of Blessed Francis - 585 

that with only a small amount of food
that he had been given as alms,
he saved sailors for a number of days
from starvation and the danger of death.
From this one could clearly see
that just as the servant of Almighty God was
like Moses in drawing water from the rock,
like Elisha in the multiplication of provisions.

Therefore, let every lack of confidence be far from Christ's poor!
For if the poverty of Francis was so abundantly sufficient
that, by a marvelous power,
it supplied
the destitution of those who came to his aid,
providing food, drink, and housing
when money, skill, and natural means were lacking,
how much more will it merit
those things that are given to all
in the usual plan of divine providence.
If a dry rock gave drink abundantly
to a poor man who was thirsty
at the word of another poor man,
nothing at all
will refuse its service
to those who have left all
for the Creator of all.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 842

quod de modica eleemosyna
sibi collata nautas
a famis et mortis periculo
per dies plurimos liberavit,
2ut ex hoc liquido possit adverti
quod omnipotentis Dei famulus sicut
in eductione aquae de petra conformis exstitit Moysi,
sic in multiplicatione victualium Eliseo.

3Procul igitur a pauperibus Christi diffidentia omnis abscedat.
4Si enim paupertas Francisci adeo copiosae sufficientiae fuit,
ut subvenientium sibi defectus
tam mira virtute
quod nec cibus nec potus nec domus deesset,
cum pecuniae et artis et naturae facultas defecerat:
5multo magis illa merebitur,
quae usitato divinae providentiae
ordine communiter conceduntur.
6Si, inquam, petrae siccitas
ad pauperis vocem abundans poculum
sitienti propinavit pauperculo,
nil iam
inter omnia suum
denegabit obsequium
iis qui pro Auctore omnium
omnia reliquerunt.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 585