The Life of Blessed Francis - 568 

This did not remain hidden from the brothers who were close to him, who, by clear signs, would often see him visited by the Lord with such overwhelming and frequent consolation, that he was incapable of keeping them hidden.

12 At another time when the man of God and a companion were walking on the banks of the Po while on a journey of preaching between Lombardy and the Marches of Treviso, they were overtaken by the darkness of night. The road was exposed to many great dangers because of the darkness, the river and some swamps. His companion said to the holy man: "Pray, father, that we may be saved from these threatening dangers!" Full of confidence, the man of God answered him: "God is powerful, Lk 3:8 if it pleases him in his sweetness, to disperse this darkness and give us the benefit of light." Scarcely had he finished speaking when, behold, such a great light began to shine around them with a heavenly radiance that they could see in clear light not only the road, but also many other things all around, although the night remained dark elsewhere. By the guidance of this light they were led physically and comforted spiritually; singing hymns of praise to God they arrived safely at their lodging, which was a long way off.

Consider that,
at his nod,
that man of admirable purity and great virtue
tempered the heat of fire,
changed the taste of water,
brought comfort with angelic melody
and was led by divine light,
so that, in this way, it might be proved
that the entire fabric of the universe
came to the service
of the sanctified senses of the holy man.a




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 821-822

- 6Hoc et fratres sibi familiares non latuit qui per certa frequenter conspiciebant indicia, eum tam excessivis et crebris consolationibus a Domino visitari, ut nec ipsas omnino occultare valeret.

12 1Alio quoque tempore viro Dei praedicationis causa inter Lombardiam et Marchiam Tervisinam iter agente cum fratre socio iuxta Padum, tenebrosa noctis supervenit obscuritas. 2Cumque via esset exposita periculis magnis et multis propter tenebras, fluvium et paludes, dixit socius ad virum sanctum: « Ora, pater, ut de instantibus periculis liberemur! ». 3Cui vir Dei cum fiducia multa respondit: « Potens est Deus, si placet suae dulcedini, tenebrarum effugata caligine, beneficium nobis impendere lucis». 4Vix sermonem compleverat, et ecce tanta lux illico coepit circa eos superna radiare virtute, ut nocte alias exsistente obscura, ipsi luce clara viderent non solum viam, verum etiam plurima circumquaque. 5Cuius lucis ducatu corporaliter directi et spiritualiter confortati, usque ad locum hospitii per non modicum viae spatium, cum divinis hymnis et laudibus incolumes pervenerunt.

quam mirandae fuerit vir iste munditiae quantaeque virtutis,
ad cuius nutum
suum ignis ardorem contemperat,
aqua saporem commutat,
angelica praebet melodia solatium,
et lux divina ducatum,
ut sic sanctificatis viri sancti sensibus
omnis probetur mundi machina

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 568