The Life of Blessed Francis - 554 

As the first tender sprout,a
she gave forth a fragrance
like a lustrous untouched flower
that blossoms in springtime,
and she shone
like a brilliant star.
Now she is glorified in heaven
and fittingly venerated by the Church on earth,
she who was the daughter in Christ
of our holy father Francis, the little poor man,
and the mother of the Poor Ladies.

7 Many people as well, not only driven by devotion but also inflamed by a desire for the perfection of Christ, once they had condemned the emptiness of everything worldly, followed the footsteps of Francis. Their numbers increased daily and quickly reached even to the ends of the earth.

Holy poverty,
which was all they had to meet their expenses,
made them prompt for every obedience, robust for work,
and free for travel.
And since they had nothing earthly
they loved nothing and feared losing nothing.
They were safe wherever they went,
held back by no fear, distracted by no cares;
they lived with untroubled minds,
and, without any anxiety,
looked forward to the morrow
and to finding a lodging for the night.

In different parts of the world
many insults were hurled against them
as persons unknown and looked down upon,
but true love of the Gospel of Christ
had made them so patient,
that they sought
to be where they would suffer physical persecution




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 807-808

ipsarum plantula prima,
tamquam flos
vernans et candidus
odorem dedit
et tamquam stella praefulgida
4Haec nunc glorificata in caelis,
ab Ecclesia digne veneratur in terris,
quae filia fuit in Christo
sancti patris Francisci pauperculi
et mater Pauperum Dominarum.

7 1Multi etiam non solum devotione compuncti, sed et perfectionis Christi desiderio inflammati, omni mundanorum vanitate contempta, Francisci vestigia sequebantur, qui quotidianis succrescentes profectibus, usque ad fines orbis terrae celeriter pervenerunt.

2Faciebat namque sancta paupertas,
quam solam deferebant pro sumptibus,
ipsos ad omnem obedientiam promptos,
robustos ad labores
et ad itinera expeditos.
3Et quia nihil terrenum habebant,
nihil amabant nihilque timebant amittere;
securi erant ubique,
nullo pavore suspensi, nulla cura distracti,
tamquam qui absque mentis turbatione vivebant
et sine sollicitudine
diem crastinum
et serotinum hospitium exspectabant.

4Multa quidem eis in diversis partibus orbis
inferebantur convicia
tamquam personis despicabilibus et ignotis,
verum amor Evangelii Christi
adeo ipsos patientes effecerat,
ut quaererent potius ibi esse,
ubi persecutionem paterentur in corpore,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 554