The Legend of the Three Companions - 83 

his carnal brother was passing by,a and remarked sarcastically to his companion: "You might tell Francis to sell you a penny's worth of his sweat." When the man of God heard this, filled with a wholesome joy, he answered enthusiastically in French: "I will sell that sweat to my Lord at a high price."

24While he was working steadily at restoring the church, he wanted to have a lamp burning continually in the church, so he went through the city begging for oil. But when he was approaching a certain house, he saw a group of men gathered for a game. Ashamed to beg in front of them, he backed away. Mulling it over, he accused himself of having sinned. Hurrying back to the place where they were playing, he told everyone standing around his fault, that he was ashamed to beg because of them. And, in fervor of spirit, he entered that house and, for the love of God, begged in French for oil for the lamps of that church.

While laboring with others in that work, he used to cry to passers-by in a loud voice, filled with joy, saying in French: "Come and help me in the work of the church of San Damiano which, in the future, will be a monastery of ladies through whose fame and life our heavenly Father will be glorified throughout the church."b

See how, filled with the spirit of prophecy, he truly foretold the future! For this is that sacred place where the glorious religion and most excellent Order of Poor Ladies and sacred virgins had its happy beginning about six years after the conversion of blessed Francis and through the same blessed Francis. Their wondrous life and renowned practices were fully approved by the Lord Pope Gregory IX, of holy memory, at that time the Bishop of Ostia, and confirmed by the authority of the Apostolic See.c




Legenda Trium Sociorum, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1396-1397

frater eius carnalis prope ipsum transiens cuidam suo concivi dixit ironice: « Dicas Francisco quod saltem unam nummatam de sudore vendat tibi ». 8Quod audiens, vir Dei gaudio salutari perfusus, in fervore spiritus gallice respondit: « Ego, inquit, Domino meo care vendam sudorem istum ».

24 1Cum autem laboraret assidue in opere ecclesiae memoratae, volens in ipsa ecclesia luminaria iugiter esse accensa, ibat per civitatem oleum mendicando. 2Sed, cum prope quamdam domum venisset, videns ibi homines congregatos ad ludum, verecundatus coram eis eleemosynam petere, retrocessit. 3In seipsum vero conversus arguit se peccasse, currensque ad locum ubi ludus fiebat, dixit coram omnibus adstantibus culpam, suam quod verecundatus fuerat petere eleemosynam propter eos. 4Et, fervente spiritu ad domum illam accedens, gallice petiit oleum amore Dei pro luminaribus ecclesiae supradictae.

5Cum aliis autem laborantibus in opere praefato persistens, clamabat alta voce in gaudio spiritus ad habitantes et transeuntes iuxta ecclesiam, dicens eis gallice: « Venite et adiuvate me in opere ecclesiae Sancti Damiani quae futura est monasterium dominarum, quarum fama et vita in universali ecclesia glorificabitur Pater noster caelestis ».

6Ecce quomodo, spiritu prophetiae f repletus, vere futura praedixit. 7Hic est enim locus ille sacer in quo gloriosa religio et excellentissimus ordo pauperum dominarum virginumque sacrarum, a conversione beati Francisci fere sex annorum spatio consummato, per eumdem beatum Franciscum felix sumpsit exordium, 8quarum vita mirifica et institutio gloriosa a sanctae memoriae domino papa Gregorio nono, tunc temporis Ostiensi episcopo, auctoritate Sedis apostolicae est plenius confirmata.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 83