The Assisi Compilation - 153 

mats where blessed Francis stayed. And because he knew that the holy father treated him with friendliness and love, he entered without hesitation, and opened for himself the little cell of mats to see him. As he quickly stuck his head inside the little cell, all of a sudden, by the will of the Lord, because he was not worthy to see him, he was forcefully pushed outside, willy-nilly, stumbling backwards. He immediately came outside the cell, trembling and stunned, and told the brothers his fault, and said he was sorry for coming there that day.


There was a certain brother, a spiritual man, an elder in religion, and close to blessed Francis. It happened one time that for many days he suffered the most severe and cruel suggestions of the devil, so that he was almost cast into the depths of despair. And even though he was tormented daily, he was ashamed to confess it every time. And, because of this, he afflicted himself with fasting, with vigils, with tears, and with beatings.

While he was being tormented daily for many days, blessed Francis came to that place by divine guidance. And when blessed Francis was walking one day not too far from that place with one brother and with the brother who was so tormented, he left the other brother behind and walked with the one who was being tempted. He said to him: "My dearest brother, I wish and tell you that from now on you are not bound to confess these suggestions and intrusions of the devil to anyone. Don't be afraid, because they have not harmed your soul. But I give you my permission just to say seven Our Father's as often as you are troubled by these suggestions."

That brother was overjoyed at what he said to him, that he was not bound to confess those things, especially because, since he would have had to confess daily, he was quite upset, and this was the main reason for his suffering. He marveled at the holiness of the holy father, how he knew his temptations through the Holy Spirit, since he had not confessed to anyone except priests. And he would frequently switch priests because of shame, since he was ashamed that one priest would know all his weakness and temptation.

From the very moment blessed Francis spoke to him, he was immediately freed both in spirit and body from that great trial which he endured for such a long time. And, through the grace of God and the merits of blessed Francis, he remained in great serenity and peace of soul and body.




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1531-1532

in qua erat facta parva alia cellula de storiis, ubi stabat beatus Franciscus. 5Et quia sciebat quod sanctus pater familiaritatem et dilectionem sibi ostendebat, libere ivit et aperuit sibi storium cellule, ut videret eum. 6Et statim dum misit caput intro in cellulam, subito, vellet nollet, impulsus est per vim foras de voluntate Domini a, quia dignus non erat videre eum, ambulans retro post se. 7Et statim exivit foras cellam tremens et stupefactus, et coram fratribus dixit inde culpam suam, et quod illa die penituit eum illuc venisse.


1Quidam frater spiritualis homo et antiquus in Religione et familiaris beato Francisco fuit. 2Accidit autem, ut in quodam tempore per multos dies passus esset gravissimas et crudelissimas diaboli suggestiones, ita quod quasi in profundum desperationis illa occasione inducebatur, et etiam in tantum cotidie stimulabatur quod verecundabatur totiens confiteri. 3Et ex hoc nimis se affligebat abstinentia, vigiliis, lacrimis et disciplinis.

4Cumque cotidie et per tot dies esset tribulatus, ecce divina dispensatione venit ad locum beatus Franciscus. 5Et cum quadam die non multum longe ab illo loco ambularet beatus Franciscus cum quodam fratre et cum illo, qui erat ita tribulatus, beatus Franciscus subtraxit se parum ab illo fratre et iunxit se illi fratri, qui erat ita temptatus, et dixit ei: 6« Carissime frater, volo et dico ut amodo non tenearis illas suggestiones et immissiones diaboli alicui confiteri, et noli timere a quia nichil nocuerunt anime tue, sed de mea licentia dicas .VII. Pater noster, quotiens hiisdem suggestionibus fueris tribulatus ».

7Et gavisus est ille frater de verbo quod dixit ei, ut non teneretur illas confiteri, maxime quia, cum cotidie oporteret illum confiteri, nimis confundebatur; 8et hoc erat causa sui maioris doloris. 9Et miratus est ille frater sanctitatem sancti patris, quomodo per Spiritum Sanctum cognovit suas temptationes, eo quod ipse nulli alii fuerat confessus, nisi sacerdotibus; 10et etiam sepe mutabat sacerdotem propter verecundiam, quia verecundabatur ut unus sacerdos sciret suam omnem infirmitatem et temptationem.

11Et statim ab illa hora, qua locutus est ei beatus Franciscus, liberatus fuit de magna illa tribulatione intus et foris, quam longo tempore sustinuit. 12Et per gratiam Dei in magna quiete et pace anime et corporis positus fuit, meritis beati Francisci.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 153