The Assisi Compilation - 142 

And the king then pronounced his sentence: 'You, chaste of eyes, even more chaste in body, stay in my chamber. Let that other man leave my house, so he does not defile my marriage bed.' "]

He used to say: [Who would not fear to look at the bride of Christ?]


[Sometimes he used to do this: a sweet melody of the spirit bubbling up inside him would become on the outside a French tune; the thread of a divine whisper which his ears heard secretly Jb 4:12 would break out in a French song.

Other times—as I saw with my own eyes—he would pick up a stick from the ground and put it over his left arm, while holding a bent bow in his right hand, drawing it over the stick as if it were a viola, performing all the right movements, and in French would sing] about God.

[All of this dancing often ended in tears, and the cry of joy dissolved into compassion for Christ's suffering. Then the saint would sigh without stopping and sob without ceasing. Forgetful of lower things he had in hand, he was caught up to heaven].


[In order to preserve the virtue of holy humility, a few years after his conversion, at a chapter,a he resigned the office of prelate before all the brothers of the religion, saying: "From now on, I am dead to you. But here you have Brother Peter of Catanio; let us all, you and I, obey him." And bowing down immediately, he promised him obedience and reverence.

The brothers were weeping, and sorrow drew deep groans from them, as they saw themselves orphaned of such a father. As blessed Francis got up, he joined his hands and, lifting his eyes to heaven, said: "Lord, I give back to You the family which until now You have entrusted to me. Now, sweetest Lord, because of my infirmities, which You know, I can no longer take care of them and I entrust them to the ministers. If any brother should perish because of their




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1511-1513

11Fertur a rege sententia: Tu, inquit, oculis castus, esto in camera corpore castior: hic vero exeat domum, ne polluat thalamum. ».

12Dicebat enim: « Quis non deberet timere respicere sponsam Christi? ».


1Nonnumquam [vero talia] faciebat. 2Dulcissima melodia spiritus intra ipsum ebulliens exterius gallicum dabat sonum, et vena di vini susurrii, quam auris eius suscipiebat furtive a, gallicum erumpebat in iubilum.

3Lignum quandoque, ut oculis [vidi], colligebat ex terra, ipsumque sinistro brachio superponens arculum flexum tenebat in dextera, quem quasi super viellam trahens per lignum et ad hoc gestus presentans idoneos, gallice cantabat de Deo.

4Terminabantur tota hec tripudia frequenter in lacrimas, et [in] passionis Christi compassionem hic iubilus solvebatur. 5Inde hic sanctus continua trahebat suspiria, et ingeminatis gemitibus, inferiorum que in manu erant oblitus, suspendebatur ad celum.


1Ad servandam humilitatis sancte virtutem, paucis annis elapsis, post suam conversionem, in quodam capitulo, coram omnibus fratribus de Religione, prelationis officium resignavit dicens: 2« Amodo sum mortuus vobis. Sed ecce, inquit, frater Petrus Cathanii, cui ego et vos omnes obediamus ». 3Et inclinans se protinus coram ipso, obedientiam et reverentiam promisit eidem.

4Flebant igitur fratres, et altos extorquebat gemitus dolor, cum videbant se tanto patre quodammodo orphanos fieri. 5Surgens beatus Franciscus, iunctis manibus et oculis in celum erectis, dixit: « Domine, recommendo tibi familiam, quam michi hactenus commisisti. 6Et nunc, propter infirmitates quas tu nosti, dulcissime Domine, curam eius habere non valens, ipsam recommendo ministris. 7Teneantur in die iudicii coram te, Domine, reddere rationem, si aliquis frater eorum vel negligentia,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 142