The Assisi Compilation - 131 


When the brother ministers urged him to allow the brothers to have something at least in common, so that such a great number would have some resources, Saint Francis called upon Christ in prayer and consulted Him about this. Christ immediately responded that He would take away everything held individually or in common, saying that this is His family for whom He was always ready to provide, no matter how much it might grow, and He would always cherish it as long as it would put its hope in Him.a


When blessed Francis was on a mountain with Brother Leo of Assisi and Brother Bonizo of Bologna to make the Rule,b —because the first, which he had written at Christ's instruction, was lostc —a great many ministers gathered around Brother Elias, who was the vicar of blessed Francis. "We heard that Brother Francis is making a new rule," they told him, "and we fear that he will make it so harsh that we will not be able to observe it. We want you to go to him and tell him that we refuse to be bound to that Rule. Let him make it for himself and not for us."

Brother Elias replied to them that he did not want to go because he feared the rebuke of Brother Francis. When they insisted that he go, he said that he refused to go without them; so they all went.

When Brother Elias, with those ministers, was near the place where blessed Francis was staying, he called him. Blessed Francis responded and, seeing those ministers, he said: "What do these brothers want?" "These are ministers," Brother Elias answered, "who heard that you are making a new rule. They fear that you are making it very harsh, and they say, and say publicly, that they refuse to be bound by it. Make it for yourself and not for them."




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1495-1496


1Cum fratres ministri suaderent ei, quod aliquid concederet saltem, in communi, ut tanta multitudo haberet ad quod recurreret, sanctus Franciscus in oratione vocavit Christum et super hoc consuluit eum. 2Qui statim respondit quod omnia auferret in speciali et in communi dicens, quod ista est familia sua, cui semper erat paratus providere, quantumcumque cresceret, et semper eam foveret, quandiu in ipso speraret.


1Cum beatus Franciscus esset in quodam monte cum fratre Leone de Assisio et fratre Bonizo de Bononia ad faciendum Regulam quia prima erat perdita, quam, Christo docente, scribi fecit – congregati ministri quamplures ad fratrem Heliam, qui erat vicarius beati Francisci, dixerunt sibi: 2 « Audivimus quod iste frater Franciscus facit unam novam Regulam; timemus, ne faciat ita asperam, quod non possimus eam servare. 3Volumus quod vadas ad eum et dicas ei, quod nos nolumus esse obligati ad illam Regulam; faciat pro se et non faciat pro nobis ».

4Quibus frater Helias respondit, quod nolebat ire, timens reprehensionem fratris Francisci. 5Tunc illis instantibus quod iret, dixit se nolle ire sine ipsis. Et tunc omnes iverunt.

6Et cum esset frater Helias cum dictis ministris prope locum ubi stabat beatus Franciscus, vocavit eum; 7quo respondente et vidente ministros predictos, dixit beatus Franciscus: « Quid volunt isti fratres? ». 8Et frater Helias respondit: « Isti sunt ministri, qui audientes quod tu facis novam Regulam, et timentes quod facias nimis asperam, dicunt et protestantur quod nolunt ad eam esse obligati. 9Facias pro te, et non pro eis ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 131