The Anonymous of Perugia - 58 

Him with his deeds. When someone mentioned God's name, he would say: "At this name, heaven and earth must bow."

Wanting to show the love He had for him, the Lord impressed on his members and his side the stigmata of His most beloved Son. And because the servant of God, Francis, wanted to go to His house and the dwelling place of His glory, the Lord called him to Himself, and so he gloriously passed over to the Lord.

After this, many signs and miracles appeared among the people, so that the hearts of many who were stubbornly against believing what the Lord had manifested in his servant were moved to admit: His life we accounted madness, and his death dishonored. See how he is accounted among the sons of God; how his lot is with the saints!

47 The venerable lord and father, the Lord Pope Gregory, who loved the saint during his life, also paid tribute to him after his death. Coming with the cardinals to the place where the body of the holy man had been buried, he enrolled him in the catalog of the saints.

On that account many important and noble men, forsaking everything, have converted to the Lord with their wives, sons and daughters, and their whole family. Wives and daughters have enclosed themselves in monasteries. Husbands and sons have put on the habit of the Lesser Brothers.

Thus that word is fulfilled which he once predicted to his brothers: "After not much time, many learned, prudent, and noble men will come to us, and will dwell with us."


48 I beg you, most beloved brothers, meditate earnestly on the things we have recorded about our most beloved fathers and brothers, understand them correctly, and strive in deed to fulfill them, so we may deserve to share with them in the glory of heaven.

May our Lord Jesus Christ lead us to this glory.




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1350-1351

glorificabat in suis operibus. 4Et si aliquis Deum nominaret, sic dicebat: « Caelum et terra se inclinare deberet in nomine isto ».

5Volens autem Dominus ostendere dilectionem quam habebat in eum, posuit in membris eius et latere eius Stigmata dilectissimi Filii sui. 6Et quoniam desiderabat famulus Dei Franciscus venire in domum suam et locum habitationis gloriae suae e, vocavit eum Dominus ad se, et sic gloriose migravit ad Dominum.

7Post hoc apparuerunt multa signa et miracula in populo, propter quae multorum corda hominum, qui duri erant ad credendum in iis quae Dominus in famulo suo ostendere dignatus fuerat, in mollitiem fuerunt mutata, 8dicentes: Nos insensati vitam eius aestimabamus insaniam et finem illius sine honore. 9Ecce quomodo computatus est inter filios Dei et inter Sanctos sors illius est.

47 1Venerabilis autem dominus et pater dominus Gregorius papa Sanctum, quem dilexit in vita, post mortem quoque veneratus est. 2Et veniens cum Cardinalibus ad locum ubi corpus Sancti sepultum erat, eum in Sanctorum catalogo adnotavit.

3Multi propterea magni viri et nobiles, relietis omnibus, ad Dominum sunt conversi cum uxoribus et filiis et filiabus et familia sua tota. 4Uxores et filiae in monasterio sunt reclusae. 5Viri autem et filii fratrum Minorum habitum assumebant.

6Et adimpletum est verbum illud, quod fratribus ante praedixerat: 7« Non post multum temporis venient ad nos sapientes et prudentes et nobiles multi et habitabunt nobiscum ».


48 1Rogo autem vos, fratres dilectissimi, quatenus haec, quae patribus et fratribus nostris carissimis conscripsimus, dffigenter meditetis, 2recte intelligatis et opere adimplere studeatis, ut cum eis esse participes caelestis gloriae mereamur.

3Ad quam nos perducat Dominus noster Iesu Christus.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 58