The Anonymous of Perugia - 56 

to them and celebrate Mass during which blessed Francis would chant the Gospel.a

Chapter XI

44 After eleven years had passed since the founding of the religion and the number of brothers had increased, ministers were elected and sent with some of the brothers throughout almost all the provinces of the world where the Catholic faith was practiced.b

In some of the provinces they were received, but were not allowed to build houses. From others they were expelled, because people feared that the brothers were not faithful Christians, for the brothers did not as yet have a rule confirmed by the pope, but one merely allowed by him.c For that reason, after they had endured many trials from clerics and laity and had been stripped by thieves, they returned to blessed Francis very embittered and depressed. And these trials beset them in Hungary, Germany, and other provinces beyond the Alps.

The brothers informed the Lord Cardinal of Ostia about these situations. Once he called blessed Francis to himself, he took him to the Lord Pope Honorius—because the Lord Innocent had already died,d had another rule written for him, and had it confirmed and strengthened with the force of the papal seal.

In this rule he extended the time between chapters to avoid hardship for the brothers who lived in faraway places.

45 Blessed Francis petitioned the Lord Pope for one of the cardinals who would be the governor, protector, and corrector of this religion, as stated in the Rule. And he granted him the Lord of Ostia.

Now that he had this commission from the Lord Pope, the Lord Bishop of Ostia, raising his hand to protect the brothers, sent a letter




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1347-1348

10Et eis sermonem postmodum faciebat, et celebrabat Missam, et beatus Franciscus Evangelium decantabat.

Caput XI
Quomodo Ecclesia eos protexit de manibus persequentium.

44 1Expletis autem annis XI ab inceptione Religionis et multiplicato fratrum numero, electi fuerunt Ministri et missi cum aliquantis fratribus quasi per universas mundi provincias, ubi fides catholica colebatur.

2In quibusdam provinciis recipiebantur sed in eis aedificare habitacula nullatenus sinebantur. 3A quibusdam vero expellebantur, quia timebant ne fratres non essent Christiani fideles, quia adhuc non habebant fratres confirmatam a Papa Regulam, sed concessam. 4Et propterea multas tribulationes passi a clericis et laicis, et a latronibus spoliati, reversi sunt ad beatum Franciscum, angustiati plurimum et afflicti. 5Et hae tribulationes eis factae fuerunt in Hungaria et Alamania et aliis provinciis ultramontanis.

6Notificaverunt autem haec fratres dicto Cardinali domino Ostiensi. 7Qui, vocato ad se beato Francisco, duxit eum ad dominum Papam Honorium quoniam dominus Innocentius fuerat iam defunctus, et fecit scribi sibi aliam Regulam et confirmari, et dicti Papae sigilli munimine roborari.

8In qua Regula terminum Capituli prolongavit propter vitandum laborem fratrum, qui in longinquis partibus morabantur.

45 1Et petiit beatus Franciscus a domino Papa unum de Cardinalibus, qui esset istius Religionis gubernator et protector et corrector, sicut in eadem Regula continetur . 2Et concessit eis dictum Dominum Ostiensem.

3Post hoc, habito domini Papae mandato, extendens manum suam ad protegendum fratres Dominus Ostiensis misit multis Praelatis litteras apud quos fratres tribulationes passi fuerant,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 56