The Anonymous of Perugia - 55 

more securely." The brothers founded an order for them, called the Order of Penitents, and had it approved by the Supreme Pontiff.a

Chapter X

42 The venerable father, the Lord Cardinal, John of Saint Paul, who frequently offered counsel and protection to blessed Francis, would praise the merits and deeds of blessed Francis and all of his brothers to all the other cardinals. When they heard him, their hearts were moved to loving the brothers and each of them desired to have some brothers in his Curia, not for receiving service from them, but because of the devotion and love that they had toward the brothers.

One day when blessed Francis came to the Curia, particular cardinals asked him for some brothers; and he graciously acceded to their request.

Lord John of St. Paul, the man who loved the holy poor men, died and rested in peace.b

43 After this, the Lord inspired one of the cardinals, Hugolino, the bishop of Ostia, who loved blessed Francis and his brothers very much, not merely as a friend, but even more as a father. When blessed Francis heard of his reputation, he approached him. When the cardinal saw him, he received him with joy and said: "I offer myself to you for counsel, assistance, and protection as you wish, and I want you to have me remembered in your prayers."

Blessed Francis gave thanks to the Most High for inspiring that man's heart to offer advice, assistance, and protection, and told him: "I gladly want to have you as the father and lord of me and of all my brothers. And I want all my brothers to be bound to pray to the Lord for you." Then he invited him to come to the chapter of the brothers at Pentecost. He agreed and came each year.

Whenever he came, all the brothers gathered at the chapter would go in procession to meet him. As they were coming, he would dismount from his horse and go on foot with the brothers to the church because of the devotion he had for them. Afterward he would preach




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1345-1347

15Docete ergo nos quam viam, tenere salubriter valeamus ». 16At illi ordinaverunt ex ipsis ordinem, qui Paenitentium Ordo vocatur, facientes hunc a Summo Pontifice confirmari.

Caput X
Quando cardinales benevoli effecti erga fratres
consulere eis et auxilium praestare coeperunt.

42 1Venerabilis autem pater dominus Ioannes de Sancto Paulo cardinalis, qui beato Francisco consilium et protectionem frequentius impendebat, merita et actus beati Francisci et omnium fratrum eius omnibus aliis Cardinalibus commendabat. 2His auditis commota sunt viscera eorum a ad diligendos fratres, et unusquisque desiderabat ex fratribus in sua curia habere, non pro servitio aliquo recipiendo ab eis, sed propter devotionem et amorem quem habebant plurimum erga fratres.

3Quadam autem die cum venisset beatus Franciscus ad curiam, petierunt ab eo de fratribus singuli Cardinales; at ille benigne concessit eis secundum voluntatem eorum.

4Defunctus est autem praedictus dominus Ioannes et requievit in pace, qui pauperes sanctos dilexit.

43 1Post hoc inspiravit Dominus quendam, de Cardinalibus nomine Hugolinum Episcopum Ostiensem, qui beatum Franciscum et fratres eius dilexit intime, non sicut amicus tantum, sed potius tamquam pater. 2Audita autem fama illius, accessit ad eum beatus Franciscus. 3Viso autem eo, cardinalis suscepit eum cum gaudio, dicens ei: « Offero vobis me ipsum ad consilium et auxilium et protectionem ad vestrum placitum, et volo quod me recommendatum in vestris orationibus habeatis ».

4Beatus vero Franciscus gratias Altissimo reddidit, quod ad dandum consilium et auxilium et protectionem inspiraverit cor illius, et dixit ad eum: 5 «Volo libenter mei et fratrum meorum omnium patrem et dominum vos habere, et volo quod fratres omnes pro vobis rogare Dominum teneantur ». 6Deinde rogavit eum ut venire ad Capitulum fratrum in Pentecosten dignaretur. 7At ille annuit, et annis singulis veniebat.

8Quando autem veniebat, exibant ei obviam processionaliter fratres omnes in Capitulo congregati. 9Ille vero, venientibus fratribus, descendebat de equo et ibat pedes cum fratribus usque ad Ecclesiam propter devotionem quam erga ipsos habebat. 10Et eis sermonem postmodum faciebat,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 55