The Anonymous of Perugia - 54 

strangers and pilgrims, 1 Pt 2:11 taking nothing for the journey, except the books in which they could say their Hours.

Whenever they met a priest, whether rich or poor, they bowed to him, as blessed Francis had taught them, and paid their respect. When it was time to seek lodging, they preferred to stay with them, rather than with secular persons.

41 When they could not find lodging with priests, they would inquire who in that locality was a good and God-fearing person with whom they could be more suitably welcomed. After a while, the Lord inspired one such God-fearing person in each of the cities and towns they were prepared to visit to prepare a lodging for them, until, after a while, they built their own dwellings in the cities and towns.

The Lord gave the brothers the words and spirit suited to the time, to speak with incisive words, penetrating the hearts of many, but especially the young more than the elderly. Those who abandoned mother and father, and all their possessions, put on the habit of the holy religion. At that time and particularly in that religion, the word of the Lord in the Gospel was fulfilled: Do not suppose that mymission on earth is to spread peace. My mission is to spread not peace, but division. I have come to set a man at odds with his father and a daughter with her mother. Those whom the brothers accepted, they brought to the blessed Francis to invest them.

In the same way, many women, virgins and those without husbands, hearing their preaching, would come to them with contrite hearts, saying: "And we, what are we to do? We cannot stay with you. So tell us what we can do to save our souls." In response, they established, in every city they could, reclusive monasteries for doing penance.a They also appointed one of the brothers their visitator and corrector.b

Similarly, married men said: "We have wives who will not permit us to send them away. Teach us, therefore, the way that we can take




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1344-1345

4Ibant per mundum tamquam advenae et peregrini a nihil portantes per viam, nisi tantum libros in quibus possent dicere Horas suas.

5Ubicumque inveniebant sacerdotem, pauperem vel divitem, inclinantes se, sicut a beato Francisco docti fuerant, eis reverentiam faciebant. 6Et quando erat hora hospitandi, libentius hospitabantur apud eos, quam apud alios saeculares.

41 1Et quando apud eos habere hospitium non valebant, interrogabant quis in terra illa esset homo spiritualis et timens Deum, apud quem possent honestius hospitari. 2Et parvo post tempore inspiravit Dominus unum timentem se per civitates singulas et castella ubi erant venturi qui eis hospitia praepararet, donec ipsi postmodum aedificaverunt loca sua in urbibus et in castris.

3Dedit eis Dominus verbum et spiritum secundum opportunitatem temporis, ad proferenda verba acutissima penetrantia multorum corda audientium, et maxime iuvenum plus quam senum. 4Qui relinquentes patrem et matrem c et omnia sua, sequebantur eos sanctae Religionis habitum assumentes. 5Et tunc temporis maxime in ista Religione adimpletum est verbum Domini in Evangelio sic dicentis: 6Non veni mittere pacem in terram sed gladium; 7veni enim separare hominem adversus patrem suum et filiam adversus matrem suam. 8Illos autem quos fratres recipiebant, ad beatum Franciscum adducebant ut induerentur ab eo.

9Similiter et multae mulieres virgines et non habentes viros, audientes praedicationem eorum, veniebant corde compuncto ad eos, 10dicentes: « Quid faciemus et nos? Vobiscum esse non possumus. 11Dicite ergo nobis quomodo salvare nostras animas valeamus ». 12Ad hoc ordinaverunt per singulas civitates quibus potuerunt monasteria reclusa ad paenitentiam faciendam. 13Constituerunt etiam unum de fratribus qui esset visitator et correptor earum.

14Similiter et viri uxores habentes dicebant: « Uxores habemus, quae dimitti se non patiuntur. 15Docete ergo nos quam viam, tenere salubriter valeamus ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 54