The Anonymous of Perugia - 53 

through your peace and gentleness. For we have been called to this: to cure the wounded, to bind up the broken, and to recall the erring. Many who seem to us members of the devil will yet be disciples of Christ."

39 On the other hand, he used to reprove them for the great austerity which they brought upon their bodies, for the brothers were then exerting too much effort in fasts, vigils, and bodily mortification in order to repress within themselves every urge of the flesh. They would inflict so much discomfort on themselves that it seemed they hated themselves. When he heard and saw this, blessed Francis reprimanded them, as we said, and ordered them not to act excessively. He was so filled with the Savior's grace and wisdom, that he would make his admonition with kindness, his reprimand with reason, and his command with gentleness.

Among the brothers assembled at chapter, not one of them dared to discuss worldly matters with anyone. Instead, they spoke about the lives of the holy fathers, or about the holiness of one of the brothers, or how they could better attain the grace of our Lord.

If any of the brothers gathered at chapter experienced temptations of the flesh or the world, or some other kind of trial, the temptations would go away either on hearing blessed Francis who would speak fervently and sweetly, or on seeing his presence. For he spoke to them compassionately, not as a judge, but as a father to his children and a doctor to his patient, so that, the words of the Apostle were fulfilled in him: Who is weak that I amnot affected by it? Who is scandalized that I am not aflame with indignation?

Chapter IX

40 Once a chapter had ended, he would bless all the brothers at chapter and designated each of them throughout the provinces, as he wished.a Whoever of them had the spirit of God and the eloquence for preaching—cleric or lay—to him he would give permission and an obedience to preach. They received his blessing with great happiness and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ. They went through the world as




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1342-1344

sed omnes per vestram pacem et mansuetudinem ad pacem et benignitatem revocentur. 8Quia ad hoc vocati sumus, ut vulneratis medeamur, alligemus confractos d et erroneos revocemus. 9Multi videntur nobis membra diaboli, qui adhuc discipuli Christi erunt ».

39 1Arguebat autem eos de multa austeritate quam suo corpori faciebant: quia tunc temporis fratres ieiuniis et vigiliis e et corporalibus exercitationibus nimium insudabant, ut cuncta in se carnis reprimerent incentiva. 2Tantam afflictionem sibimet faciebant, quod quilibet videbatur habere odio semetipsum. 3Audiens et videns hoc beatus Franciscus arguebat eos, ut diximus, et ne tantum facerent iniungebat. 4Tam plenus erat gratia et sapientia Salvatoris, quod admonitionem devote, reprehensionem rationabiliter, et praeceptum dulciter faciebat.

5Inter fratres qui ad Capitulum conveniebant, non audebat aliquis eorum invicem negotia saecularia recitare; 6sed colloquebantur de vitis sanctorum Patrum, aut de perfectione alicuius fratris, vel quomodo melius possent in Domini nostri gratiam pervenire.

7Si qui autem de fratribus convenientibus ad Capitulum habebant aliquam tentationem a carne vel a mundo, vel aliam tribulationem, audiendo beatum Franciscum qui ferventer et dulciter loquebatur et videndo eius praesentiam, cessabant ab eis tentationes. 8Compatienter namque loquebatur eis, non sicut iudex, sed sicut pater filiis et infirmo medicus, ut impleretur in eo verbum Apostoli: 9Quis infirmatur et ego non infirmor? Quis scandalizatur et ego non uror?

Caput IX
Quando fuerunt missi fratres
per omnes mundi provincias.

40 1Expleto autem Capitulo, benedicebat omnibus fratribus in Capitulo et per provincias, quibus volebat, singulos destinabat. 2Quicumque ex eis habebant spiritum Dei et loquentiam ad praedicandum, clerici sive laici, dabat eis licentiam et obedientiam praedicandi. 3Ipsi vero recipiebant benedictionem illius cum laetitia magna et gaudio in Domino Iesu Christo. 4Ibant per mundum tamquam advenae et peregrini a nihil portantes per viam, nisi tantum libros in quibus possent dicere Horas suas.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 53