The Anonymous of Perugia - 52 

Saint Francis used to give the brothers admonitions, corrections and precepts, as it seemed best to him, after consulting the Lord.a Everything, however, that he said in word, he would first, with eagerness and affection, show them in deed.

He used to revere prelates and priests of the holy Church. He would respect the elderly, and honored the noble and the wealthy. He loved the poor intimately and showed compassion to them. In a word, he showed himself to be subject to all.

Although he was more exalted than all other brothers, he still appointed one of the brothers staying with him as his guardian and master. He humbly and devoutly obeyed him, in order to avoid any occasion of pride. Among people this saint lowered his head even to the ground, and for this the Lord lifted him on high among the saints and elect in heaven.

He zealously used to admonish them to observe the holy Gospel and the Rule conscientiously as they had promised; and especially to be reverent toward ecclesiastical offices and regulations; to be attentive and devoted when hearing Mass, and when they saw the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. They were to have reverence toward priests who handle these tremendous and greatest sacraments and, whenever they encountered them, they were to bow their heads to them and kiss their hands. If they found them on horseback, they were to make a sign of reverence, kissing not only the hands of a priest, but, out of reverence for their power, even the hooves of their horses.

38 He also admonished them not to judge or look down upon anyone, not even those who drink and eat and dress extravagantly, as stated in the Rule. "Their Lord is also our Lord. He who called us can call them, and He who willed to justify us can also justify them."

He would say: "And I wish to honor them as my brothers and masters. They are my brothers, because we are all from the one Creator; they are my masters because they help us to do penance, providing us with necessities of life." He also told them: "Let your way of life among the people be such that whoever sees or hears you will glorify and praise our heavenly Father."

His great desire was that he and his brothers would perform deeds through which the Lord would be praised. He used to tell them: "As you announce peace with your mouth, make sure that you have greater peace in your hearts, thus no one will be provoked to anger or scandal because of you. Let everyone be drawn to peace and kindness




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1340-1342

3Sanctus autem Franciscus admonitiones, reprehensiones et praecepta fratribus faciebat, sicut ei, prius consulto Domino, videbatur. 4Omnia autem quae dicebat eis in verbo, affectuose et sollicite prius eis opere ostendebat.

5Venerabatur Praelatos et sacerdotes sanctae Ecclesiae . 6Seniores etiam reverebatur; nobiles vero et divites honorabat; pauperes quoque intime diligebat, et compatiebatur eis. 7Universis denique se subditum exhibebat.

8Cumque omnibus fratribus esset sublimior, unum tamen de fratribus secum morantibus guardianum suum et dominum constituebat, cui obediebat humiliter et devote, ut a se omnem occasionem superbiae effugaret. 9Humiliabat hic Sanctus caput suum inter homines usque ad terram, et ideo inter Sanctos et electos suos illum Dominus exaltavit in caelis.

10Admonebat eos ut sollicite observarent sanctum Evangelium et Regulam quam promiserant; et maxime ut circa officia ecclesiastica et ordinationes essent reverentes, solliciti et devoti Missam audirent et viderent Corpus Domini nostri Iesu Christi; 11et in reverentia haberent sacerdotes qui tractant haec veneranda et maxima Sacramenta, et in quocumque loco eos invenirent, caput eis flecterent manumque deoscularentur. 12Et si eos equitantes invenirent, reverentiam eis facerent, et nedum manum eis deoscularentur, sed etiam pedes equorum super quos equitarent, propter reverentiam potestatis ipsorum.

38 1Admonebat etiam eos, ut nullum hominem iudicarent aut despicerent, nec etiam eos qui delicate bibunt et comedunt et induuntur, sicut etiam in Regula continetur. 2 « Nam Dominus noster eorum est Dominus, et qui vocavit nos potest vocare illos, et qui voluit iustificare nos potest et iustificare illos ».

3Et ipse dicebat: « Et ego volo eos tamquam meos fratres et dominos revereri. 4Fratres mei sunt, quia omnes sumus ab uno Creatore; domini mei sunt, quia adiuvant nos ad paenitentiam faciendam, necessaria corporis nobis dantes ». 5Hoc quoque dicebat eis: « Talis fiat [a] vobis vestra conversatio inter gentes, ut quicumque vos viderit vel audierit, Patrem nostrum qui est in caelis glorificet et collaudet ».

6Magnum namque desiderium ei erat, ut ipse et fratres eius semper opera facerent de quibus Dominus laudaretur. 7Et dicebat eis: « Sicut vos ore pacem nuntiatis, ita in cordibus vestris pacem amplius habeatis, ut nullus per vos provocetur ad iram et ad scandalum; sed omnes per vestram pacem et mansuetudinem ad pacem et benignitatem revocentur.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 52