The Anonymous of Perugia - 49 

prayer. The Lord, on the other hand, prepared lodging and food for them as the need arose.

32 When they arrived in Rome, they met the bishop of the city of Assisi who was then staying in the City.a When he saw them, he welcomed them with immense joy.

Now, the bishop was acquainted with one of the cardinals, the Lord John of St. Paul, a good and religious man, who loved servants of the Lord very much.b The bishop of Assisi familiarized him with the proposal and life of blessed Francis and his brothers. After he heard these things, he had a strong desire to meet blessed Francis and some of the brothers. When he heard that they were in the City, he sent for them and had them come to him. Seeing them, he welcomed them with eagerness and love.

33 Even though they stayed with him for only a few days, he came to love them from the depths of his heart, because he saw shining forth in their actions all he had heard about them. He told blessed Francis: "I commend myself to your prayers and, from now on, I want you to consider me as one of your brothers. Therefore, tell me, why did you come?" Then blessed Francis made known to him his whole proposal: how he wanted to speak to the Apostolic Lord and, with his approval and mandate, to continue what he was doing. To which the cardinal responded: "I want to be your procurator at the Curia of the Lord Pope."

Thus it was that he went to the Curia and told the Lord Pope Innocent the Third: "I found a most perfect man who wishes to live according to the form of the holy Gospel and to observe evangelical perfection. Through him, I believe the Lord intends to renew His church in the entire world." When he heard this, the Lord Pope was amazed and told him: "Bring him to me."

34 On the following day, therefore, he brought him to the pope.

Blessed Francis laid his whole proposal before the Lord Pope, just as he had previously done to the cardinal.

The Lord Pope answered him: "Your life is too hard and severe, if you wish to found a congregation possessing nothing in this world. For where will you obtain the necessities of life?" Blessed Francis re




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1334-1336

vel orationi vacabant. 8Dominus autem eis hospitium et cibum necessitatis eorum tempore praeparabat.

32 1Cumque venissent Romam, invenerunt Episcopum civitatis Assisii, qui Romae tunc temporis morabatur. 2Qui videns eos, cum ingenti gaudio eos recepit.

3Episcopus autem notus erat cuidam Cardinali, qui dominus Ioannes de Sancto Paulo dicebatur, et erat bonus homo et religiosus, et servos Domini plurimum diligebat . 4Cui dictus Episcopus patefecerat propositum et vitam beati Francisci et fratrum suorum. 5Qui, his auditis, beatum Franciscum et aliquos de fratribus suis cum desiderio videre affectabat. 6Cumque audisset quod essent in Urbe, misit pro eis et ad se venire fecit. 7Videns autem eos, cum devotione et amore suscepit illos.

33 1Cum autem paucis diebus cum eo morati fuissent, et quod verbis de ipsis audiverat videret opere refulgere, eos intime diligebat. 2Et dixit beato Francisco: « Recommendo me vestris orationibus, et volo ut sicut unum de vestris fratribus me de cetero habeatis. Dicite ergo mihi, quare venistis? ». 3Tunc beatus Franciscus totum ei suum propositum revelavit et quod Domino Apostolico loqui volebatet de voluntate eius et praecepto prosequi quod agebat. 4Cui respondit: « Ego volo esse procurator vester in curia domini Papae ».

5Et sic pergens ad Curiam dixit domino papae Innocentio Tertio: « Inveni virum perfectissimum, qui secundum formam sancti Evangelii vult vivere et perfectionem evangelicam observare. 6Per quem credo quod Dominus velit per universum mundum totam suam, Ecclesiam renovare ». 7Quo audito dominus Papa miratus est, et dixit ei: « Ducas eum ad me ».

34 1Sequenti igitur die duxit eum ad Papam. 2Beatus autem Franciscus domino Papae totum suum propositum patefecit, sicut antea dixerat Cardinali.

3Respondit ei dominus Papa: « Nimis est dura et aspera vita vestra, si volentes facere congregationem nihil vultis in hoc saeculo possidere. 4Unde enim necessaria vobis provenient? ». 5Respondit beatus Franciscus:

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 49