The Anonymous of Perugia - 47 

Although extreme poverty abounded in them, they were always generous, and spontaneously shared the alms given them with all who asked for the love of God.

28 When they went along and came upon poor people begging from them, some of the brothers would give them some of their clothing, since they had nothing else to give. One of them even tore the capuche from his tunic and gave it to a poor beggar;a while another tore off a sleeve and gave it away; and still others gave away a part of their tunic to observe that Gospel passage: Give to all who ask of you. Lk 6:30

One day a poor man came to the church of Saint Mary of the Portiuncula where the brothers were staying and asked for alms. There was a cloak there that one of them had while he was still in the world. Blessed Francis told the brother, whose cloak it was, to give it to the poor man.b He freely and quickly gave it to him. And immediately, because of the reverence and dedication that the brother had in donating the gift, it seemed to him that the alms rose up to heaven and he felt himself filled with a new spirit.

29 When the rich of this world went out of their way to visit them, they received them quickly and kindly, and would invite them to call them back from evil, and prompt them to do penance.

At that time, the brothers would eagerly beg not to be sent to where they had been raised so that, in this way, they would avoid association and dealings with their relatives and observe the words of the Prophet: I have become an outcast to my brothers, a stranger to my mother's sons. Ps 69:9 [Vulgate, Ps 68:9]

They rejoiced most in their poverty, for they desired no riches except those of eternity. They never possessed gold or silver, and, although they despised all wealth of this world, it was money especially that they trampled under foot.

30 One day while the brothers were staying at Saint Mary of the Portiuncula, some people came for a visit. They entered the church and placed some money on the altar without their knowledge. Then, one of the brothers, entering the church, took the coins he had found, and put them on the church's windowsill. Another brother, when he found the money where the other one left it, took it to Saint Francis.




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1332-1334

5Cum autem in eis paupertas nimia abundaret, semper tamen largi erant, et omnibus amore Dei se petentibus libenter compartiebantur elemosinas sibi datas.

28 1Quando autem ibant per viam et pauperes sibi petentes inveniebant, aliqui ex ipsis non habentes aliud quod praeberent, de vestimentis suis aliquid pauperibus erogabant. 2Quidam enim eorum caputium divisit a tunica et pauperi petenti tribuit; alius quoque manicam separavit et dedit; alii vero partem aliquam aliam de tunica sua dabant, ut verbum illud Evangelicum observarent: Omni petenti te tribue.

3Quadam vero die venit quidam pauper ad Ecclesiam Sanctae Mariae de Portiuncula, ubi ipsi morabantur, et elemosinam fratribus postulavit. 4Erat autem ibi quaedam clamis, quam quidam eorum habuerat cum adhuc in saeculo fuerat. 5Beatus autem Franciscus dixit illi fratri, cuius fuerat clamis illa, ut eam illi pauperi erogaret. 6Qui libenter et velociter dedit illi. 7Statim autem propter reverentiam et devotionem quam frater habuerat in donando, visum est ei quod elemosina illa caelum ascenderet et sensit protinus novo spiritu se repletum.

29 1Quando autem declinabant ad eos divites huius mundi, recipiebant eos alacriter et benigne, et eos invitabant ut revocarent eos a malo et ad faciendam paenitentiam provocarent.

2Sollicite illo tempore fratres postulabant ne mitterentur in terras unde fuetant oriundi, ut sic effugerent conversationem et familiaritatem consanguineorum suorum, verbumque Propheticum observarent: Extraneus factus sum fratribus meis et peregrinus filiis matris meae.

3In paupertate plurimum laetabantur, quia divitiae ab eis non concupiscebantur nisi aeternae. 4Aurum et argentum numquam possidebant, et quamvis omnes mundi huius divitias contemnerent, pecuniam tamen maxime sub pedibus conculcabant.

30 1Quadam vero die, cum fratres morarentur apud Sanctam Mariam de Portiuncula, venerunt quidam homines et intraverunt Ecclesiam, et ipsis nescientibus super altare denarios posuerunt. 2Quidam vero frater, intrans Ecclesiam, inventos accepit denarios et in eiusdem Ecclesiae fenestra quadam posuit eos. 3Quidam vero alius frater, inventa pecunia ubi frater eam posuerat, retulit sancto Francisco.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 47