The Anonymous of Perugia - 41 

in awe at the holy way of life with which they seemed to be marked for the Lord's sake.

After they had traveled around that province, the brothers returned to Saint Mary of the Portiuncula.

17 After a few days had elapsed, three other men from Assisi, Brother Sabbatino,a Brother Johnb and Brother Morico the Short,c came to them, humbly begging Blessed Francis to admit them into his company. He received them kindly and eagerly.

However, when they went about the city begging alms, scarcely anyone was willing to give to them; instead they would tell them: "You got rid of your own possessions, and now you want to eat those of others." Thus, they suffered extreme want. Even their relatives and families would persecute them. Others from that city—great and small, men and women—would scorn and ridicule them as senseless and stupid, except for the city's bishop to whom the blessed Francis frequently went to seek counsel.d

The reason their families and relatives used to persecute them, while others ridiculed them, was because at that time you could not find anyone who would abandon all his possessions and go begging from door to door.

One day when the blessed Francis had gone to that bishop, the bishop told him: "It seems to me that your life is very rough and hard, not having or possessing anything in this world." The saint of God answered: "Lord, if we had any possessions, we would need arms to protect them because they cause many disputes and lawsuits. And possessions usually impede the love of God and neighbor. Therefore we do not want to possess anything in this world."

And this answer pleased the bishop.

Chapter IV

18 Saint Francis, since he was already filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit, predicted what would happen to his brothers. And




Anonymus Perusinus, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1321-1323

timorati nihilominus remanebant visa forma sanctae conversationis qua insigniti pro Domino videbantur.

7Cumque circuissent illam provinciam, ad dictum locum Sanctae Mariae de Portiuncula sunt reversi.

17 1Paucisque diebus elapsis, tres alii viri de civitate Assisii venerunt ad eos, videlicet frater Sabbatinus, frater Ioannes et frater Moricus Parvus, beato Francisco ut eos in societatem suam reciperet humiliter supplicantes. 2Qui benigne et alacriter recepit eos.

3Quando vero petendo elemosinas per civitatem ibant, vix volebat aliquis ei dare; sed dicebant eis: « Dimisistis res vestras et vultis comedere alienas ». 4Et sic patiebantur penuriam multam valde. 5Parentes quoque eorum et consanguinei persequebantur eos; et alii de civitate illa, parvi et magni, mares et feminae, despiciebant et deridebant eos tamquam insensatos et stolidos, nisi solus Episcopus civitatis, ad quem ibat frequenter beatus Franciscus ad consilium postulandum.

6Propter hoc autem persequebantur eos parentes eorum et consanguinei, et alii deridebant, quia eo tempore nullus inveniebatur qui omnia sua relinqueret et iret petendo elemosinas ostiatim.

7Quadam vero die cum adisset beatus Franciscus dictum episcopum, Episcopus dixit ei: « Dura multum mihi videtur et aspera vestra vita, nihil possidere in hoc saeculo nec habere ». 8Cui sanctus Dei sic respondit: « Domine, si possessiones aliquas haberemus, arma ad protegendum necessaria nobis essent, quia inde quaestiones oriuntur et lites plurimae, et solet inde dilectio Dei et proximi impediri 9Idcirco nolumus in hoc saeculo temporale aliquid possidere ».

10Et placuit Episcopo hoc responsum.

Caput IV
Quomodo fratres admonuit
et misit per mundum.

18 1Sanctus autem Franciscus, cum iam Spiritus Sancti gratia plenus a esset, quae ventura erant fratribus suis praenuntiavit.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 41