The Anonymous of Perugia - 33 

  1. This is the position taken by Beguin, L’Anonyme, and accepted by Jacques Dalarun, La Malavventura di Francesco d’Assisi (Milano: Edizioni Biblioteca Francescana, 1996), 122. Dalarun comments: "É difficile essere piú precisi [It’s difficult to be more precise]." In his 1972 study of the work, DiFonzo suggested a much later date of composition, sometime after the death of Brother Giles, i.e., after 1262, and possibly after the decree of the Chapter of Paris in 1266 mandating the removal of all earlier lives. Cf. DiFonzo, L’Anonimo, 378-386. However, in the initial stages of publishing Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, the editors consulted with Lorenzo DiFonzo who agreed with them in dating The Anonymous of Perugia at this earlier period.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 33