Papal Documents - 781 

While we declare these things about the Saint with a rather great confidence, we are not depending upon foolish fables or the absurdities of an inane imagination. For a long time now we have had great assurance about this. When we held lesser positions and were applying ourselves for service in the house of our aforementioned predecessor, by a gift of God we merited at that time to have an intimate knowledge of this confessor.a Therefore, let no one attack this Saint who carried in his body the triumphant Stigmata of Christ.

Given at Anagni, on the twenty-ninth day of October [1255], in the first year of our pontificate.




Fontes Franciscani, p.

Sane de praefato Sancto haec certius afferentes, indoctas fabulas, seu vanae inventionis deliramenta non sequimur: cum ea Nobis dudum nota fecerit plenior fides rerum; quando videlicet in minoribus constituti Confessoris ejusdem familiarem ex munere Divino meruimus habere notitiam, praefati Praedecessoris nostri domesticis obsequiis tunc temporis insistendo. . . Nemo itaque eidem Sancto audeat de cetero esse molestus in corpore suo Christi triumphalia Stigmata praeferenti. . .

Datum Anagniae iv. Kalendas Novembris, Pontificatus Nostri Anno I.


Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 781