An Umbrian Choir Legend - 477 

Finally all reached the city and, with great joy and gladness, laid the most holy body in a sacred place. In this place he first learned his letters as a little boy, there he later preached for the first time, with the result that it was clear that a happy beginning to the height of glory would be followed by a happier ending of even greater glory.

9 So, in the twelve hundredth twenty-sixth year of the Incarnation, on the fourth day before the nones of October, a Sunday, having completed twenty years from the time he perfectly adhered to Christ, following in the footsteps 1 Pt 2:21 and the life of the Apostles, the apostolic man Francis, freed from the fetters of mortal life, departed happily to Christ and was buried in that place. He began to shine with so many wonders and with diverse miracles in every region, that in a short time he had led most of the earth to admire the new age. Since in the new light of miracles, he was already shining in many parts of the world and those who rejoiced in being saved from disasters by his favor were hastening from everywhere; the Lord Pope Gregory, who was then in Perugia, began to discuss his canonization with all the cardinals and other prelates of the Church. All of them, with one accord, gave the same opinion. They read and approved the miracles which the Lord had worked through his servant, and extolled the life and behavior of the blessed father with the highest praises. Then the princes of the earth were called first to this great solemnity, and on the appointed day a great number of prelates along with an infinite multitude of people entered with the blessed Pope into the city of Assisi. When they had come to the place prepared for such a solemn gathering, Pope Gregory preached first to all the people Heb 9:19 and announced with honey-flowing affection the praises of God. He also praised the holy father Francis with a most noble sermon and, as he spoke of the purity of his way of life, he was wet with tears.

10 Then, when his sermon was over, Pope Gregory lifted his hands to heaven and cried out in a loud voice: "To the praise and glory of God almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the glorious Virgin Mary, the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, to the honor of the glorious Roman Church! On the advice of our brothers and other prelates, we decree that the most blessed father Francis, whom the Lord has gloried in heaven 2 Mc 3:20 and we venerate on earth, shall be enrolled in the catalogue of saints, and his feast is to be celebrated solemnly on the day of his death."

At this announcement, the reverend cardinals began to sing the Te Deum laudamus in a loud voice with the Pope. And there rises the




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 477