An Umbrian Choir Legend - 476 

7 Because of this, a great crowd of many people gathered, praising and glorifying the name of the Lord. The whole city Mt 8:34 of Assisi rushed down in a body and the whole region hurried to see the wonderful works of God, which the Lord had gloriously displayed in his servant. The sons lamented the loss of such a father and displayed their hearts' tender affection by tears and sighs. But a new miracle turned their weeping into joy and their mourning into cries of jubilation.

They saw the body of the holy father decorated with the stigmata of Christ. Not the holes of the nails but the nails themselves in the middle of his hands and feet, made from his own flesh, in fact grown in the flesh itself retaining the dark color of iron and his right side stained red with blood. His skin, naturally dark before, now shining bright white, promised the rewards of the blessed resurrection. Finally, his limbs had become soft and pliable; not rigid, as usual with the dead, but changed to be like those of a boy.

His sons therefore cried for joy of heart and kissed the marks of the most high King on their father.

Then the brothers and sons assembled with the whole multitude of people Ez 27:33 from the neighboring cities. They spent that entire night of the holy father's parting in the divine praises. The sweet sound of jubilation and the brightness of the lights made it seem that angels were keeping vigil.

8 When day was breaking, Jn 21:4 the crowds that had gathered, taking branches of olive and other trees, brought the sacred body to the city of Assisi with many lights, the blowing of horns, Jos 6:20 and with hymns and praises. When the sons had carried the pious father and arrived at the place where he first planted the religion of the Poor Ladies, they halted for a while in the church of San Damiano. The small window was opened, the one used by these servants of Christ at the appointed time 2 Sm 24:15 to receive the sacrament of the Lord's body. Behold the Lady Clare, who was truly brilliant in the holiness of her merits, the first mother of the others, because she was the first plant of that holy Order, came with her daughters to see the body of the most gentle father.

They looked upon him, groaning and weeping with great anguish of heart. " Ps 38:9 [Vulgate, Ps 37:9] Father! O father, what shall we do?" they began to cry out. " Jos 3:3 Why are you abandoning us poor women? To whom are you entrusting us? All our consolations ebb away along with you, just as no solace remains for us buried to the world." Then kissing his hands that glittered with precious gems and the most exquisite pearls, they endured with much wailing. Once he was taken away, the door was closed Mt 25:10 to them.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 476