The Second Letter to Agnes of Prague - 48 

11that you always be mindful of your commitmenta like another Rachel always seeing your beginning.b

What you hold, may you hold,
What you do, may you do and not stop.
12But with swift pace, light step, unswerving feet,
so that even your steps stir up no dust,c
13may you go forward
securely, joyfully, and swiftly,
on the path of prudent happiness,
14believing nothing,
agreeing with nothing
that would dissuade you from this commitment
or would place a stumbling block for you on the way,
so that nothing prevents you from offering
your vows to the Most High in the perfection
to which the Spirit of the Lord has called you.d

 15In all of this, follow the counsel of our venerable father, our Brother Elias, the Minister General, that you may walk more securely in the way of the commands of the Lord.e 16Prize it beyond the advice of the others and cherish it as dearer to you than any gift. 17If anyone has said anything else to you or suggested any other thing to you that might hinder your perfection or that would seem contrary to your




Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga II, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2270

11ut tui memor propositi velut altera Rachel tuum semper videns principium,

quod tenes teneas,
quod facis, facias, nec dimittas,
12sed cursu concito, gradu levi,
pedibus inoffensis
ut etiam gressus tui pulverem non admittant,
13secura gaudens et alacris
per tramitem caute beatitudinis gradiaris,
14nulli credens, nulli consentiens,
quod te vellet ab hoc proposito revocare,
quod tibi poneret in via scandalum,
ne in illa perfectione,
qua Spiritus Domini te vocavit,
redderes Altissimo vota tua.

15In hoc autem, ut mandatorum Domini securius viam perambules, venerabilis patris nostri fratris nostri Heliae, generalis ministri, consilium imitare; 16quod praepone consiliis ceterorum et reputa tibi carius omni dono. 17Si quis vero aliud tibi dixerit, aliud tibi uggesserit, quod perfectionem tuam impediat, quod vocationi divinae contrarium videatur, etsi debeas venerari, nolitamen eius consilium imitari,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 48