The Second Letter to Agnes of Prague - 47 

The Second Letter to Agnes of Prague

1To the daughter of the King of kings, the servant of the Lord of lords,  Rv 19:16 the most worthy spouse of Jesus Christ, Lk 17:10 and, therefore, the most noble Queen, Lady Agnes, 2Clare, the useless and unworthy handmaid of the Poor Ladies, greetings and may you always live in the highest poverty.a

3I give thanks to the Giver of grace from Whom, we believe, every good and perfect gift proceeds, Jas 1:17 because He has adorned you with such great titles of virtue and decorated you with signs of such perfec- tion, 4that, since you have become such a loving imitator of the Father of all perfection, Mt 5:48 you might be made perfect and that there might be no imperfection in you for His eyes to see.b

5This is that perfection with which that King will join you to Himself in the heavenly bridal chamber where He is seated in glory on a starry throne,c 6because you have despised the splendor of an earthly kingdom and considered of little value the offers of an imperial marriage. 7Instead, as someone zealous for the holiest poverty, in a spirit of great humility and the most ardent love, you have held fast to the footprints 1 Pt 2:21 of Him to Whom you merited to be joined in marriage.

8But since I know that you are filled with virtues, I will spare my words and not burden you with needless speech, 9even though nothing seems superfluous to you if you can draw from it some consolation. 10But because one thing is necessary, Lk 10:42 I bear wit- ness to that one thing and encourage you, for love of Him to Whom you have offered yourself as a holy and pleasing sacrifice, Rom 12:1




Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga II, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2269

Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga II

1Filiae Regis regum, ancillae Domini dominantum, sponsae dignissimae Iesu Christi et ideo reginae praenobili dominae Agneti, 2Clara, pauperum dominarum ancilla inutilis et indigna, salutem et semper in summa vivere paupertate.

3Gratias ago gratiae largitori, a quo omne datum optimum et omne donum perfectum creditur emanare, quod te tantis virtutum titulis decoravit et tantae perfectionis insigniis illustravit, 4ut, perfecti Patris effecta diligens imitatrix, perfecta fieri merearis, ne oculi sui aliquid in te videant imperfectum.

5Haec est illa perfectio, qua te sibi Rex ipse in aethereo thalamo sociabit, ubi sedet stellato solio gloriosus, 6quod terreni regni fastigia vilipendens et oblationes imperialis coniugii parum dignas, 7aemula sanctissimae paupertatis effecta in spiritu magnae humilitatis et ardentissimae caritatis eius adhaesisti vestigiis, cuius meruisti connubio copulari.

8Cum vero noverim te virtutibus oneratam, parcens prolixitati verborum nolo verbis superfluis onerare, 9licet tibi nihil superfluum videatur ex his de quibus posset tibi aliqua consolatio provenire. 10Sed quia unum est necessarium, hoc unum obtestor et moneo per amorem illius, cui te sanctam et beneplacentem hostiamm obtulisti,


Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 47