The Fourth Letter to Agnes of Prague - 55 

11Whose tenderness touches,
Whose contemplation refreshes, Whose kindness overflows,
12Whose delight overwhelms,
Whose remembrance delightfully dawns,
13Whose fragrance brings the dead to life again,
Whose glorious vision will bring happiness
to all the citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem,
14which [vision],a
since He is the radiance of eternal glory
is the brightness of eternal light and
the mirror without blemish.

15Gaze upon that mirror each day,
O Queen and Spouse of Jesus Christ,
and continually study your face in it,
16that you may adorn yourself completely,
within and without,
covered and arrayed in needlework
17and similarly adorned
with the flowers and garments of all the virtues,
as is becoming, the daughter and dearest bride
of the Most High King.b

in that mirror,
blessed poverty,
holy humility,
and inexpressible charity shine forth
as, with the grace of God,
you will be able to contemplate them throughout
the entire mirror.c




Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga III, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2282

11cuius affectus afficit,
cuius contemplatio reficit,
cuius implet benignitas,
12cuius replet suavitas,
cuius memoria lucescit suaviter,
13cuius odore mortui reviviscent,
cuiusque visio gloriosa beatificabit
omnes cives supernae Ierusalem:
14quae cum sit splendor aeternae gloriae,
candor lucis aeternae
et speculum sine macula,

15hoc speculum cotidie intuere,
o regina, sponsa Iesu Christi,
et in eo faciem tuam iugiter speculare,
16ut sic totam interius
et exterius te adornes amictam circumdatamque varietatibus,
17omnium virtutum floribus
et vestimentis pariter adornata,
sicut decet,
filia et sponsa carissima
summi Regis.

18In hoc autem speculo
refulget beata paupertas,
sancta humilitas
et ineffabilis caritas,
sicut per totum speculum poteris
cum Dei gratia contemplari.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 55