The Fourth Letter to Agnes of Prague - 54 

The Fourth Letter to Agnes of Prague

1To her who is half of her soul and the special shrine of her heart’s deepest love, to the illustrious Queen and Bride of the Lamb, the eternal King, to the Lady Agnes her most dear mother, and, of all the others, her favorite daughter, 2Clare, an unworthy servant of Christ and a useless handmaid of His handmaids in the monastery of San Damiano of Assisi: 3health and may she sing the new song with the other most holy virgins before the throne of God and the Lamb and follow the Lamb wherever He will go.a

4O mother and daughter, spouse of the King of all ages, if I have not written to you as often as both your soul and mine desire and long for, do not wonder at all 5or think that the fire of love for you glows with less delight in your mother’s heart. 6No, this is the difficulty: the lack of messengers and the obvious dangers of the roads.

7Now, however, as I write to your love, I rejoice and exult with you in the joy of the Spirit, O spouse of Christ, 8because, since you have totally abandoned the vanities of this world, like the other most holy virgin, Saint Agnes, you have been marvelously espoused to the spotless Lamb, Who takes away the sins of the world.

9Happy, indeed, is she
to whom it is given to drink at this sacred banquet
so that she might cling with her whole heart
to Him
10Whose beauty all the blessed hosts of heaven
unceasingly admire,




Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga III, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2281

Epistola Ad Sanctam Agnetem De Praga IV

1Animae suae dimidiae et praecordialis amoris armariae singularis, illustri reginae, Agni Regis aeterni sponsae, dominae Agneti, matri suae carissimae ac filiae inter omnes alias speciali, 2Clara indigna Christi famula et ancilla inutilis ancillarum eius commorantium in monasterio Sancti Damiani de Assisio, salutem 3et cum reliquis sanctissimis virginibus ante thronum Dei et Agni novum cantare canticum et quocumque ierit Agnum sequi.

4O mater et filia, sponsa Regis omnium saeculorum, et si tibi non scripsi frequenter, prout anima tua et mea pariter desiderat et peroptat aliquatenus, non mireris, 5nec credas ullatenus incendium caritatis, erga te minus ardere suaviter in visceribus matris tuae. 6Hoc est: impediverunt defectus nuntiorum et viarum pericula manifesta. 7Nunc vero, scribens caritati tuae, congaudeo et exsulto tibi in gaudio spiritus, sponsa Christi, 8quia velut altera virgo sanctissima, sancta Agnes, Agno immaculato, qui tollit peccata mundi, es mirifice desponsata, sumptis omnibus vanitatibus huius mundi.

9Felix certe,
cui hoc sacro datur potiri convivio,
ut ei adhaereatur totis cordis praecordiis,
10cuius pulchritudinem
omnia beata caelorum agmina incessabiliter admirantur,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 54