The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 122 

pardon, 8but also beg her simply to intercede for her to the Lord that He forgive her.a 9Let the other sister, mindful of that word of the Lord, “If you do not forgive from the heart, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you,” 10generously pardon her sister every injury she has done to her.

11The sisters who serve outside the monastery may not delay for long unless some manifest necessity requires it. 12Let them conduct themselves virtuously and say little, so that those who see them may always be edified. 13Let them strictly beware of having suspicious meetings or dealings with others. 14They may not be godmothers of men or women lest gossip or trouble arise because of this.b 15Let them not presume to repeat the gossip of the world inside the monastery. 16Let them be strictly bound not to repeat outside the monastery anything that is said or done within which could cause scandal.c

17If anyone should innocently offend in these two matters, let it be left to the prudence of the abbess mercifully to impose a penance on her. 18But if she does this through a vicious habit, the abbess, with the advice of her discreets, may impose a penance on her according to the nature of the fault.d

[Chapter Ten: The Admonition and Correction of the Sisters]

1Let the abbess admonish and visit her sisters, and humbly and charitably correct them, not commanding them anything that is against their soul and the form of our profession.e 2Let the sisters, however, who are subjects, remember that they have renounced their own wills for the sake of God. 3Therefore, let them be firmly bound to obey their abbess in all the things they have promised the Lord to observe and which are not against the soul and our profession.




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2303-2304

8quae turbationis causam dederit, statim, antequam offerat munus orationis suae coram Domino, non solum humiliter prosternat se ad pedes alterius, veniam petens; 9verum etiam simpliciter roget, ut pro se intercedat ad Dominum quod sibi indulgeat. 10Illa vero memor illius verbi Domini: Nisi ex corde dimiseritis, nec Pater vester caelestis dimittet vobis,

11liberaliter sorori suae omnem iniuriam sibi illatam remittat. 12Sorores servientes extra monasterium longam moram non faciant, nisi causa manifestae necessitatis requitat. 13Et honeste debeant ambulare et parum loqui, ut aedificari semper valeant intuentes. 14Et firmiter caveant ne habeant suspecta consortia vel consilia aliquorum. 15Nec fiant commatres virorum vel mulierum, ne hac occasione murmuratio vel turbatio oriatur. 16Nec praesumant rumores de saeculo referre in monasterio.

17Et firmiter teneantur, de hiis quae intus dicuntur vel aguntur, extra monasterium aliquid non referre, quod posset aliquod scandalum generare. 18Quod si aliqua simpliciter in hiis duobus offenderit, sit in prudentia abbatissae misericorditer poenitentiam sibi iniungere. 19Si autem ex consuetudine vitiosa haberet, iuxta qualitatem culpae abbatissa de consilio discretarum illi poenitentiam iniungat.

[Caput X - De admonitione et correctione sororum].

1Abbatissa moneat et visitet sorores suas, et humiliter et caritative corrigat eas, non praecipiens aliquid eis quod sit contra animam suam et nostrae professionis formam. 2Sorores vero subditae recordentur quod propter Deum abnegaverunt proprias voluntates. 3Unde firmiter suis abbatissis obedire teneantur in omnibus quae observare Domino promiserunt, et non sunt animae contraria et nostrae professioni.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 122