The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 111 

her. 10However, if some counsel be required, let them send her to some discerning and God-fearing persons, according to whose advice her goods may be distributed to the poor.

11After her hair has been cut all arounda and her secular clothes set aside, she may be permitted three tunicsb and a mantle.c 12Thereafter, she may not go outside the monastery except for a useful, reasonable, evident, and justifiable purpose.d 13When the year of probation is ended, let her be received into obedience, promising to observe perpetually the life and form of our poverty.

14Let no one receive the veil during the period of probation.e 15The sisters may also have little mantles for convenience and propriety in serving and working.f 16In fact, let the abbess, with discernment,g provide them with clothing according to the diver- sity of persons, places, seasons, and cold climates, as in necessity she shall deem expedient.

17Young girls who are received into the monastery before the age established by law may have their hair cut all around; and, after putting aside their secular clothes, let them be clothed in




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2294

10Et caveat abbatissa et eius sorores ne sollicitae sint de rebus suis temporalibus, ut libere faciat de rebus suis quicquid Dominus inspiraverit ei.

11Si tamen consilium requiratur, mittant eam ad aliquos discretos et Deum timentes, quorum consilio bona sua pauperibus erogentur. 12Postea capillis tonsis in rotundum et deposito habitu saeculari, concedat ei tres tunicas et mantellum. 13Deinceps extra monasterium. sine utili, rationabili, manifesta et probabili causa eidem exire non liceat.

14Finito vero anno probationis, recipiatur ad obedientiam, promittens vitam et formam paupertatis nostrae in perpetuum observare. 15Nulla infra tempus probationis veletur. 16Mantellulas etiam possint sorores habere pro alleviatione et honestate servitii et laboris.

17Abbatissa vero de vestimentis discrete eisdem provideat, secundum qualitates personarum et loca ei tempora et frigidas regiones, sicut necessitati viderit expedire.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 111