The Form and Manner of Life of Cardinal Hugolino - 85 

But if some work has to be done sometime within the monas- tery, it may be entered by some seculars or other persons in order to accomplish it. But let the Abbess carefully provide that, while the work is being done, some other suitable person be appointed to guard the door. She may open it for those persons designated to do the work and not allow others to enter. For at such a time and always as far as they are reasonably able, let the ladies most zealously guard against being seen by seculars or persons from the outside.

14We desire and decree that this formula for living, briefly described above, be diligently and everywhere observed in a uni- form way by every sister, to the extent that unity of life and con- formity of ways may unite and join in a bond of love those sisters who are separated by the distance between places. But if the far-seeing discretion of the Roman Church, by reason of the nature of the place or concern for individuals, decides that some sisters should receive a dispensation in some necessity, other sis- ters who do not need a similar dispensation should firmly guard and live up to their manner of life.


[Therefore, let no one dare to mitigate this document of confir- mation, or dare to oppose it with rash temerity. If anyone shall have presumed to attempt this, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and His holy Apostles, Peter and Paul.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter’s, on the 12th of April, in the sec- ond year of our pontificate.]




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 85