The Form and Manner of Life of Cardinal Hugolino - 80 

their well-being and quiet may not be disturbed or dissipated.a Those who are not burdened with a very serious illness may lie upon straw-pallets and have a feather pillow. But those who are gravely sick may lie upon mattresses, if they can be conveniently found. But all the sick may have woolen slippers which are soled if it can be done. These they can keep and wear, when it is necessary.

9The following should be observed regarding clothing: each one may have two tunics and a mantle besides a hair shirt or a woven one if they have it, or one of sackcloth.b They may also have scapulars of smooth, religious cloth or of woven cloth, if they wish, which are of fitting width and length as the nature and size of each one demands.c They should be clothed in these when they are working or doing something which they cannot fittingly do wearing a mantle. If they wish to have the scapulars together with the mantles, or even wish to sleep in them, they are not prohibited from doing so. They can be without them sometimes, if it seems fitting to the Abbess,when perhaps because of excessive heat or the like they are too heavy for the sisters to wear. If this precept about wearing the scapular seems too burdensome or troublesome for some to the extent that they cannot be inclined or induced to accept it, the Abbess may dispense with it. But those who accept the scapular are acting much more uprightly and are much more pleasing to us, and we believe that they are much more pleasing to God as well.

Let them sleep on planks of wood. If they wish and it seems fit- ting to the Abbess, these planks may be covered with a mat or a piece of cloth filled with a little straw or hay or something of the kind which is in keeping with their religion and which can be found in that place. They may also have pillows of straw or hay. They may also have woolen blankets, or bedspreads if wool can conveniently be acquired.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 80