The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 182 

cluster in the form of a thurible from which such a brilli ance came forth it seemed to illumine theentire house. 25Thesevirgins approached the bed of holy Lady Clare. That virgin who seemed greater at first covered her bed with the most delicatecloth so fine that, even though she was covered with it, Lady Clare nonetheless saw through its great delicacy.

26Then the virgin of virgins, who was greater, inclined her face above the virgin Saint Clare, or above her breast, 27so that the witnesscould not discern one from the other. 28After this was done, they all disappeared. 29Asked if she, the witness, was awake at this timeor asleep, she replied she wasawakeand well. It was the evening of that night, as had been said. 30Asked who was present, she replied there were moresisters, someof whom weresleeping, some awake; 31but she did not know if they saw the things she did, 32since the witness had never revealed them to anyone until now. 33Asked when and what day this was, she replied: Friday evening; 34the most holy Lady Clare died on the following Monday.

5. 35The witnessalso said that all that was said about the holiness of Lady Clare's life was true. 36She did not know how to speak of a holiness that could have been greater in her. 37She did not believe there had ever been another woman of greater holiness than the Lady, Saint Clare, other than our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. 38She knew she was a virgin, humble, burning with love of God, continuously in prayer and contemplation, delighting in the harshness of her food and clothing, and wonderful in her fasting and vigils, 39so that many sisters marveled that she was able to live on such littl e food.

40She had great compassion for the afflicted; was kind and generous toward all the sisters. 41Her entire conversation was about God, and she did not want to speak or hear about worldly things. 42She was thoughtful and discerning in her direction of the monastery and the sisters, far more than she was able to say. 43Asked how she knew all the things mentioned, she replied 44because she had been with her in the monastery for the entire timeof twenty-nineyears; she had seen all thesethings 45and, if it were necessary, she could tell all these things in detail.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 182