The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 181 

healed of those infections which had seemed to be incurable. 7Asked how long ago this had been, she replied it seemed to her it would have been two years last September. 8She had not felt that sickness ever again.

2. 9She also said it had been more than twenty-nine years since she, the witness, had come to the monastery. Since then, she had always been under the direction of most holy mother, Lady Clare. 10The Lady had taught her to love God above all else; 11secondly, taught her to confess her sins totally and frequently; 12thirdly, instructed her to have the Lord's passion always in her memory.

The Wonderful Event of the Heavenly Choir at the Joyful Passing of Saint Clare

3. 13The witness also said from Friday evening until the following day, Saturday, the third day before the death of saint, Lady Clare of holy memory,a she, the witness, sat near the bed of the Lady with other sisters, crying over the passing of such a mother as theirs. 14The Lady, not speaking to any one person, began to commend her soul by saying: 15"Go in peace, because you will have a good escort. The One Who created you has already provided for you by being holy. The One Who created you has infused the Holy Spirit in you and then guarded you as a mother does her littlest child." 16One sister, Anastasia, when she asked the Lady to whom she was speaking and saying these words, was told by the Lady: 17"I am speaking to my blessed soul."

4. 18Then the witness began to think joyfully about the great and wonderful holiness of the Lady Clare. 19It seemed in that thought the heavenly court was moving and preparing to honor this holy woman. 20Our most glorious lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was especially preparing some of her garments for clothing this new saint. 21While the witness was lost in this thought and image, she suddenly saw with her own eyes a great multitude of virgins, all dressed in white 22with crowns on their heads, coming and entering through the door of that room where the holy mother Clare was lying. 23Among these virgins there was one greater, above and beyond what could be described, far more beautiful than all the others, and wearing a crown upon her head larger than all the others. 24Above her crown she had a golden




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 181