The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 179 

straw under her head and that she was content with this bed. 23She knew this because she had seen it.

24She also said she heard before she, the witness, had entered the monastery, Lady Clare had a bed made of twigs, 25but after she was ill, she had a sack of straw because of a command of Saint Francis.

8. 26The witness also said Lady Clare delighted in hearing the Word of God. 27Although she had never studied letters, she nevertheless listened willingly to learned sermons. 28One day when Brother Philip of Atri of the Order of Lesser Brothers was preaching,a the witness saw a very handsome young boy, who seemed to be about three years old, appear to Saint Clare. 29While she, the witness, was praying in her heart that God would not let her be deceived, He answered her in her heart in these words: "I am in their midst," Mt 18:20 30signifying through these words the young boy Jesus Christ Who stood in the midst of the preachers and listeners when they were preaching and listening as they should. 31Asked how long ago this was, she replied: about twenty-one years ago. 32Asked what time, she replied it was during the week after Easter when the "I am the Good Shepherd" is sung.b 33Asked who was present, she replied: the sisters. 34Asked if some of them saw the young boy, she replied one sister told the witness: 35"I know you have seen something." 36Asked about the length of time the young boy stood there, she replied: for a great part of the sermon.

37She said it seemed, then, as if there were a great brilliance around holy mother Clare, not like anything material, but like the brilliance of the stars. 38She also said she, the witness, smelled an indescribable sweetness because of the apparition.

39After this, she saw another brilliance, not the color of the first, but all red in a way that seemed to emit certain sparks of fire. It thoroughly surrounded the holy Lady and covered her entire head. 40The witness, doubting this, received a reply, not with a voice, but in her mind: "The Holy Spirit will come upon you."

9. 41She also said that, because of the power of Saint Clare's prayers, she believed the monastery had been protected from the Saracens and the city of Assisi from the assault of its enemies, 42as




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 179