The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 178 

of the monastery, used sackcloth made of horsehair. 3She said the Lady once loaned it to the witness for three days. During that time, however, while she was wearing it, it seemed very rough to her, so she could in no way stand it.

2. 4The witness also said she could in no way express the humility, kindness, patience, and the greatness of the holy life and virtues of the Lady Clare, as she saw them during the entire time that she stayed in the monastery. 5She said it seemed that every good was in her and nothing reprehensible, so that she could be considered a saint. 6Asked how she knew this, she replied it was because she was in the monastery under her care about thirty-three years.

3. 7She said Lady Clare, with an abundance of tears, stayed at prayer for a long time after Compline. 8At about midnight she likewise arose to pray, while she was still well, and she woke the sisters by touching them in silence. 9She especially prayed the hour of Sext because she said the Lord was placed on the cross at that hour.

4. 10She also said the saint greatly afflicted herself by fasting. 11Asked how she knew these things, she replied as she had before: she was present.

5. 12She also said if Lady Clare ever saw any of the sisters suffering some temptation or trial, she called her secretly and con- soled her with tears, and sometimes threw herself at her feet. 13Asked how she knew these things, she replied she had seen some of those she had called to console. 14One of them had told her the Lady had thrown herself at her feet. 15Asked the name of that sister, she replied she was called Sister Illuminata of Pisa, who had died.

6. 16She also said that the humility of the Lady was such that she washed the feet of the sisters and the serving sisters. 17One time, while washing the feet of one of the serving sisters and wanting to kiss them as she usually did, that sister involuntarily hit [Lady Clare’s] mouth with her foot. 18The Lady rejoiced at this and kissed the sole of that foot. 19Asked how she knew this, she replied she had seen it. 20Asked what time, she replied it was dur- ing Lent. 21Asked what day, she replied a Thursday.

7. 22She also said during most of the time she, the witness, was in the monastery, the Lady had a mat for her bed and a little bit of




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 178