The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 177 

again felt that illness. 50Asked for how long she had that sickness, she replied more than six years.

8. 51The witness also said one time Lady Clare was not able to get out of bed because of her illness. 52When she wanted a certain towel to be brought to her and there was no one to do so, a little cat in the monastery began to pull and drag that towel to bring it to her as best it could. 53Then the Lady said to the cat: “You wicked thing! You do not know how to bring it. Why are you dragging it on the ground?” 54Then the cat, as if it had heard that remark, began to roll that towel so that it did not touch the ground. 55Asked how she knew these things, she replied Lady Clare herself told her.

9. 56Concerning the corporals made by her spinning, the witness also said she herself had counted fifty sets distributed to the churches, 57as the other sister-witnesses have said before.

10. 58She also said once, when the sisters believed the blessed mother was at the moment of death and the priest had given her the holy Communion of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, 59she, the witness, saw a very great splendor about the head of mother, Saint Clare. It seemed to her the Lord’s Body was a very small and beautiful young boy. 60After the holy Mother had received with great devotion and tears, as was her custom, she said these words: 61“God has given me such a gift today, that heaven and earth could not equal it.” 62Asked if any other sisters had seen this, she replied she did not know, but knew well about herself. 63Asked when this was, she replied about the feast of St. Martin three years ago. 64Asked at what hour, she replied in the morning after Mass.


1. 1Sister Agnes, the daughter of Sir Oportulo de Bernardo of Assisi,a nun of the monastery of San Damiano, said under oath 2that during the time in which she, the witness, entered the monastery, since she was a very young girl, Lady Clare, former abbess




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 177