The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 176 

following morning. 31From then on the city of Assisi did not have another army over it. 32And on that day the sisters abstained and fasted on bread and water; 33some of them did not eat anything on that day. 34Asked how long ago this was, she replied it was in the time of Vitalis d’Aversa.

4. 35She also said once, on Calendimaggio,a she, the witness, saw in the lap of Saint Clare, before her breast, a young boy who was so beautiful that he could not be described. 36The same witness, because she saw that young boy, felt an indescribable sweetness and 37believed without a doubt he was the Son of God.

38She also said she then saw about Lady Clare’s head two wings, brilliant as the sun, which at times were raised on high and at other times covered the head of the Lady. 39Asked who else had seen this, she replied she alone saw it and 40had never revealed it to another and would not have revealed it then except to praise so holy a mother.

5. 41The witness also told how Saint Clare cured, with the sign of the cross and her prayers, Sister Benvenuta of Lady Diambra of the infection she had under her arm 42and Sister Cristiana of her deafness, just as Sister Filippa said before and Sister Cristiana had told about herself.

6. 43She also said once she saw the son of Lord Giovanni di Maestro Giovanni of Assisi carried to the monastery of Saint Clare [because] he had a fever and a scrofula. The saint made the sign of the cross over him, touched him, and so cured him. 44Asked how she knew this, she replied she later heard his father say in the parlor that he was instantly cured. 45But the witness had not seen him before he was brought to Saint Clare, but a little while later she did see him return to the monastery cured. 46Asked how old the boy was, she replied five years old. 47Asked his name, she said she did not know.

7. 48She also said when she, the witness, was suffering from a very serious illness that struck her in the head, made her cry a great deal, and took away her memory, 49she made a vow to the holy mother when she was near the end and was about to pass from this life. She was instantly cured. Afterwards, she never




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 176