The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 175 

sweetness: 9“I will always defend you!” 10The Lady then prayed for the city, saying: 11“Lord, please defend the city as well!” 12The same voice resounded and said: “The city will endure many dan- gers, but it will be defended.”

13Then the Lady turned to the sisters and told them: 14“Do not be afraid, because I am a hostage for you so that you will not suf- fer any harm now nor any other time as long as you wish to obey God’s commandments.” 15Then the Saracens left in such a way that they did not do any harm or damage.a

16Asked how long ago this was, she replied that she did not remember. 17Asked again about the month, the day, and the hour, she replied: it was September and, it seemed to her, Friday at nine o’clock. 18Asked who was present, she replied the sisters who were at prayer. 19Asked which other sisters heard that voice, she replied that she, the witness, heard it and another sister who had died, because they were holding up the Lady. 20Asked how she knew the other sister heard that voice, she replied the sister had told her. 21Saint Clare called both of them that evening and directed them not to tell anyone about it while she was living. 22Asked the name of that sister, she replied she was called Sister Illuminata da Pisa, who, she said, had died.

3. 23She also said that once, after Lady Clare had been told by someone that the city of Assisi must be handed over, the Lady called her sisters and said to them: 24“We have received many benefits from this city and I know we should pray that God will protect it.” 25She then said they should come in the morning for some time with her. The sisters came, as directed, in the morning for some time with her. 26When they had come, the Lady made them bring her some ashes. 27She took all the coverings from her head and made all the sisters do the same. 28Then, taking the ashes, she placed a large amount on her head, as if she had been newly tonsured; 29after this she placed them on the heads of the sisters. Next, she directed all of them to go pray in the chapel. 30So it happened; being broken and defeated, the army left the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 175