The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 172 

5. 13She also said the same as Sister Cecilia about the washing of the mattresses of the sick sisters.

6. 14She said the same as Sister Filippa about the liberation of the city of Assisi when Vitalis d’Aversa besieged it, and the liberation of the monastery from the Saracens and other enemies by her prayers.

7. 15She also said the same as Sister Filippa concerning the miracles done for her sisters after she made the sign of the cross over them. 16She added Sister Benvenuta of Perugia had similarly been cured from that illness through which she had lost her voice when the sign of the cross was made by the Lady. 17Asked how she knew of it, she replied she had heard the same from her.

8. 18She said the same as Sister Filippa about her love of the Privilege of Poverty.

9. 19The witness also said she heard from Lady Clare that during the most recent night of the Lord’s Nativity she heard Matins and the other Divine Office celebrated in the Church of Saint Francis as if she were present there. 20Then she said to her sisters: “You left me here alone after going to the chapel to hear Matins, but the Lord has taken good care of me because I was not able to get up from my bed.”

10. 21She also said she heard from the Lady of the vision of the breast of Saint Francis, as Sister Filippa said.

11. 22The witness also said, because of her simplicity, she would not know in any way how to speak about the good and the virtues in her, 23that is, her humility, kindness, patience, and the other virtues which she had 24in such abundance that she firmly believed, except for the Virgin Mary, no other woman was greater than the Lady. 25Asked how she knew this, she replied she had heard about the sanctity of many other women saints through their legends, 26but she had seen the sanctity of the life of this Lady Clare during all this time, 27except for one year and five months when, because of the command of Lady Clare, she stayed in the monastery of Arezzo along with a lady who had been sent there. 28The witness, because she was the actual niece of Saint Clare, paid careful attention to her life and habits which, when considered, seemed very wonderful to her. 29Asked why it seemed wonderful, she replied 30because of the great abstinence that seemed impossible for a person to perform, and because of the other almost infinite marvelous things that God worked for and in her, as said before.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 172