The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 171 

sisters who had gone to the table. 53The witness then said to Lady Clare: 54“The Lord’s miracle of the five loaves and two fishes would be needed to make fifty slices out of that!” 55But the Lady told her: “Go and do as I have told you.” 56And so the Lord multiplied that bread in such a way that she made fifty large and good slices as Saint Clare had directed her.

17. 57She also said the same as Sister Christiana about the door that had fallen upon the Lady, how she did not suffer any harm, saying she had seen her while she was under it.


1. 1Sister Balvina, daughter of Sir Martino of Coccorano,a nun of the monastery of San Damiano, said under oath 2that she, the witness, was in the monastery of San Damiano for more than thirty-six years under the direction of Lady Clare of holy memory, at that time abbess of the monastery, 3whose life and conduct the Lord God had adorned with many innumerable gifts and virtues.

2. 4She knew the Lady was a virgin from her birth, 5was the most humble among all the sisters and had such a fervent spirit that she would have willingly endured martyrdom for the defense of the faith and her Order for the love of God. 6Before she was sick, she desired to go to those parts of Morocco where it was said the brothers had suffered martyrdom. 7Asked how she knew these things, she replied she, the witness, had been with her for all the time, 8and saw and heard of the love of the faith and the Order the Lady had.

3. 9She told how very diligent and solicitous she was in prayer, contemplation, and the exhortation of her sisters. She had committed herself to this.

4. 10She said all Sister Filippa had said about her humility, the virtue of her prayers, the harshness of her clothing and bed, and her abstinence and fasting, 11except that she had not seen the bed of vine branches, but had heard she had had one for some time.

12Nonetheless, she saw she had a bed of a somewhat crude table.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 171