The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 170 

how long ago she had heard it, she replied, about that time Saint Francis passed from this life.a

13. 37She also told about the vision of the breast of Saint Fran- cis, as Sister Filippa had, 38except she did not remember what she had said concerning the nipple of the breast which Saint Clare held in her mouth.

14. 39She also said Lady Clare, never wanting to be idle at any time, even during the time of her last illness, made herself rise, sit up in bed, and spin. 40The soft cloth made by her spinning she used to make many corporals and the cases to hold them, covered with silk or precious cloth. 41She sent them to the Bishop of Assisi, who blessed them, 42and, then, she sent them to the churches of the Assisi diocese. 43She believed they had been given to every church.

15. 44She also said Lady Clare had the spirit of prophecy. 45Once when, one day, Saint Francis had sent five women to be received in the monastery, Saint Clare lifted herself up and [said she] would receive four of them. 46But she said that she did not want to receive the fifth because she would not persevere in the monastery, even if she stayed there for three years. After she did receive her because of great pressure, the woman stayed hardly a half year. 47Asked who this woman was, she replied, Lady Gasdia, daughter of Taccolo. 48This was while Saint Francis was still living. 49Asked if she had been present when Saint Clare said these words, she replied Sister Agnes, her sister, who only a little while ago had passed from this life, was there. 50She did not remember about the other sisters.

The Wonderful Meal

16. 51She also said one day, when the sisters had only a half of loaf of bread, the other half had been sent to the brothers who were staying outside,b 52the Lady directed the witness to make fifty slices out of the half loaf of bread, and to bring them to the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 170