The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 169 

showed this when, after she had heard certain brothers had been martyred in Morocco, she said she wanted to go there. 20Then, because of this, the witnesses wept.a 21This was before she was so sick. 22Asked who was present at this, she replied that those who were present had died.

7. 23She said the same as Sister Filippa concerning the humility of the saint, the harshness of her bed and clothing, her abstinences and fasting. 24She also added she washed with her own hands the mattresses of the sick sisters in which, at times, there were vermin. 25As the same Lady said, she did not smell any odor from them, but very quickly smelled a good fragrance.

8. 26She also said the Lord had given her the grace that, when she made the sign of the cross with her hand, she cured many sisters of their illnesses. 27Sisters Amata, Benvenuta, Cristiana, and Andrea, as Sister Filippa, who gave her testimony before, had also said this. 28As Sister Amata had said, she cured the same Sister Cecilia.

9. 29She saw others who had been brought to the monastery to be cured by the holy mother. 30She made the sign of the cross over them and they were cured. 31Nonetheless, she did not know their names, had not seen them at that time, and had never seen them before. But the witness had always been enclosed in the monastery.

10. 32She said the same as Sister Filippa concerning Lady Clare’s love of poverty, the virtue of prayer, and the liberation of the city and monastery.

11. 33She also said when some danger was pending, all the sisters had recourse to the help of prayer because of the holy mother’s command.

12. 34The witness also said she heard from Saint Clare’s mother when she was carrying this child and was standing before the cross praying that the Lord would help her in the danger of childbirth, 35she heard a voice that told her she would give birth to a great light which would greatly illumine the world. 36Asked




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 169