The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 168 

Lady Clare and Brother Philip of happy memory.a 5From that time, forty years ago, she was under the government of Lady Clare, 6whose life, so praiseworthy and wonderful, and holy manner of life, the witness was not equal to describing completely.

2. 7But God chose her as mother of the virgins, as the first and principal abbess of the Order, so that she guarded the flock and strengthened the other sisters of the Order with her example in the goal of the holy Order. 8She was certainly most diligent about encouraging and protecting the sisters, showing compassion toward the sick sisters. 9She was solicitous about serving them, humbly submitting herself to even the least of the serving sisters, always looking down upon herself.

3. 10She was vigilant in prayer and sublime contemplation. At times, when she returned from prayer, her face appeared clearer than usual and a certain sweetness came from her mouth.

4. 11She had an abundance of tears in her prayers and showed spiritual joy with her sisters. 12She was never upset, but treated the sisters with great meekness and kindness 13and at times, when there was need, she diligently corrected them.

5. 14She never wished to excuse her body. Very early in her religious life, she was very harsh in her sleeping and in her clothing and was very strict in what she ate and drank. 15She seemed to have the life of an angel in that her holiness was obvious to all those who knew and heard her. 16Asked how she knew these things, she replied she had been with her almost forty years and saw her holy life and manner of living. 17This could not in any way have been [possible] had not the Lord provided her with a super- abundance of graces and many other things she could not name, but with which she was adorned.

6. 18She also said Lady Clare had such a fervent spirit she willingly wanted to endure martyrdom for love of the Lord. 19She




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 168