The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 167 

2. 6The witness also said she did not in any way know how to explain the holiness of the life of Lady Clare as well as her uprightness of habits. 7But it might be, as she firmly believed, she was full of grace, virtue, and their holy operations. 8She believed all that could be said about the holiness of another woman besides the Virgin Mary, she would say truly about her. 9But it was impossible for her to speak of her virtues and graces.

3. 10She said the same as Sister Amata, the previous witness, concerning the cure of Sister Benvenuta and her infections.

4. 11She also said seven years had not yet come to an end since she had entered the monastery.

5. 12She also said when a very heavy door had fallen from the monastery upon Lady Clare, a sister, Sister Angeluccia of Spoleto, shouted loudly, fearing she had been killed and knowing that she could not single-handedly lift that door which totally lay upon that lady. 13Then the witness and the other sisters ran and the witness saw the door was still lying on her. It was so heavy that three brothers could hardly lift it and replace it. 14Nonetheless, the Lady said no harm had been done to her, but it were as if a mantle had been placed over her. 15Asked how long ago this had been, she replied about seven years or so, in the month of July, during the Octave of Saint Peter.


1. 1Sister Cecilia, daughter of Sir Gualtieri Cacciaguerra of Spoleto, nun of the monastery of San Damiano, said under oath 2that she knew of Lady Clare of holy memory, former abbess of the monastery.a It could have been forty-three years or so that the Lady had been governing the Sisters. 3She herself entered Religion three years after the Lady had because of the preaching of Saint Francis. 4The witness entered because of the exhortation of




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 167