The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 149 

How Saint Clare Cured Five Sick Sisters
with the Sign of the Cross

16. 59This witness also said one time when five sisters were sick in the monastery, Saint Clare made the sign of the cross with her own hand over them and all of them were immediately cured. 60Frequently when one of the sisters had some pain in either the head or another part of the body, the blessed mother cured her with the sign of the cross. 61Asked how she knew the things men- tioned, she replied she was present. 62Asked who the five sisters were, she replied that she, the witness, was one, some of the oth- ers had died, others were living, but she did not remember whom. 63Asked the length of time she, the witness, was sick, she replied it was a long time. 64Asked what the sickness was, she replied it was one that made her shriek, have a great fever, and shake. 65Asked about the others who had been cured, the length of time they had been sick, she replied she did not remember about the others as about herself. 66Asked when those sisters were cured, she replied: before the Lady was sick.

17. 67Asked about the time Saint Clare began that long illness, she replied she believed it was twenty-nine years.a

18. 68She also said the medicine of that witness and of the other sisters when they were sick was that their mother made the sign of the cross over them. 69Asked what words Lady Clare used to speak when she made the sign of the cross, she replied they did not understand her because she spoke very softly.

19. 70Asked about the month and the day she, the witness, and the other sisters were cured, she replied she did not remember. 71Asked who was present when they were cured, she replied more sisters were present, but she did not remember how many nor who they were.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 149