The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 147 

sisters rejoiced as though she had come from heaven. 29Asked how she knew these things, she replied she lived with her.

10. 30She also said Lady Clare, when she commanded her sisters to do something, did so with great fear and humility and more often than not she wished to do what she had commanded the others.

11. 31She also said that when she was so sick that she could not get up from bed, she had herself raised to sit up and be supported with some cushions behind her back. 32She spun [thread] so from her work she made corporals and altar linens for almost all the churches of the plains and hills around Assisi. 33Asked how she knew these things, she replied that she saw her spinning. 34When the cloth was made and the sisters had sewn it, it was hand- delivered by the brothers to those churches and given to the priests who came there.

12. 35She also said the blessed mother was humble, kind, and loving to her sisters, and had compassion for the sick. 36While she was healthy, she served them and washed their feet and gave them water with her own hands. Sometimes she washed the mattresses of the sick. 37Asked how she knew these things, she replied she had seen her many times.

13. 38She also said she particularly loved poverty, but she could never be persuaded to desire anything for herself, or to receive any possession for herself or the monastery. 39Asked how she knew this, she replied she saw and heard the Lord Pope Gregory of happy memory wanted to give her many things and buy pos- sessions for the monastery. But she would never consent.a

14. 40She also said Lady Clare was as careful about the [regular] observance of her Order and the government of her sisters as someone might be in safeguarding her temporal treasure. 41And these things, she said, she knew because she was always with her, for about forty years and more. 42Except for one year when, with the permission of the blessed mother, she stayed in the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 147