The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 146 

5. 15She also said Lady Ortulana came to that same Order as her holy daughter, blessed Clare, and lived in it with the other sis- ters in great humility. 16There, adorned by religious and holy deeds, she passed from this life.a

6. 17The witness also said three years after Lady Clare had been in the Order, at the prayers and insistence of Saint Francis, who almost forced her, she accepted the direction and government of the sisters.b 18Asked how she knew this, she said she was present.

Her Manner of Life in the Monastery

7. 19This witness also said the blessed mother kept vigil so much of the night in prayer, and kept so many abstinences that the sisters lamented and were alarmed. 20She said that because of this she herself had sometimes wept.

21Asked how she knew this, she replied: because she saw when Lady Clare lay on the ground and had a rock from the river for her head, and heard her when she was in prayer.

8. 22She said she was so very strict in her food that the sisters marveled at how her body survived. 23She also said blessed Clare fasted much of the time. Three days of the week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she did not eat anything. 24She said on other days she kept such abstinences she developed a certain illness 25so Saint Francis together with the bishop of Assisi commanded her to eat on those three days at least a half a roll of bread, about one and a half ounces.c

9. 26She also said the blessed mother was persevering and careful in her prayers, lying a long time upon the ground, remaining humbly prostrate. 27When she came from her prayer, she admonished and comforted her sisters always speaking the words of God Who was always in her mouth, so much so that she did not want to speak or hear of vanities. 28When she returned from her prayer, the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 146