The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 145 

that only the piazza was between her house and that of the virgin Clare.a She frequently conversed with her.

3. 7She said the Lady Clare very much loved the poor and all the citizens held her in great veneration because of her good manner of life. 8When she was asked how much time had passed since the virgin Clare had left the world, she said it was about forty-two years.b 9When she was asked how she knew this, she replied she had entered the Order at the same time with her and had served her for the most part almost day and night.c

4. 10She also said Lady Clare was born of noble stock, of noble father and mother.d Her father was a knight, Sir Favarone, whom she, the witness, had never seen. 11But she saw her mother, Ortulana. This lady, Ortulana, went beyond the sea for reasons of prayer and devotion.e 12She likewise testified she, [the witness], accompanied her beyond the sea for reasons of prayer and devo- tion. They also went together to Sant’Angelo and to Rome.f 13She said she willingly visited the poor. 14Asked how she knew these things, she replied: because she was her neighbor and was with her, as mentioned above.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 145